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Like Attracts Like (of UFO and Ghosts)

This month ushers in the final and most profound idea of the late Mac Tonnies. What if the 'things' that hover in the air are actually from beneath our very feet? 'Cryptoterrestrials', in Mac Tonnies words are a physical, honest-to-goodness living, breathing group of entities, that have spent the better half of our existence, fooling us into thinking they're from the stars.

The Cryptoterrestrial Hypothesis is nothing new. Jacques Vallee was at one time, the strongest proponent for the idea of extraterrestrials dwelling to the left of us, versus above and beyond. I have entertained just about every theory on the subject and always returned to my own little idea box, wondering how these ideas could shed light on the relationship between all things supernatural.

When it comes to UFOlogy, there is never a mention of the possibility that UFO sightings and ghostly sightings may be one and the same. And in the same breath, many a bigfoot or cryptid sighting has come in conjunction with a UFO sighting. It takes a lot of time and patience to dig through the most significant cases in UFOlogy to get a sense of the uncanny similarities. My experiences not withstanding, I have spoken to many 'haunted' individuals who have experienced UFO sightings and abductions at some point in their lives.

In most cases, UFO sightings lead to ghostly manifestations.

If 'Cryptoterrestrials' are responsible for UFO sightings; if they have a technology at their disposal, then could that very same technology be used to create ghostly manifestations? Let us consider cases in which individuals feel as if they are being watched and yet there is no one around. Or Shadow beings who seem to walk through walls. If these things are nothing more than interdimensional travelers, scoping out the human-ridden terrain, then could these same beings also invoke metal disks from the skies?

The saying is old and credited to many, but the '...Supernatural is nothing more than a Science we cannot comprehend,' is the truest explanation for the things that inhabit the skies and the things that inhabit dark rooms in empty houses. How they became separate is even harder to pin down, but I venture to ask the question no one is really asking (and if they are, they aren't asking it enough), "Are UFO's, Extraterrestrials, Demons, Ghosts and Cryptids all part of the same thing?" Are these things related? Can you not have one without the other?

Hauntings have never been conclusively narrowed down to one particular phenomena. In fact, at this point in the game, we use science to corroborate the existence of the spiritual realm. We use ultraviolet light and Electromagnetic wave detectors? Things that pick up on everything and anything not readily visible to the naked human eye.

Could it be that the unknown factors that make up the unseen universe are not as selective as we think? In the physical world we have bodies, and our bodies have adapted to this planet, and to human existence. We build machines that encase our bodies to mimic the way we are built. Cars and chairs and beds and clothing. All created to suit humans. And yet, they are extensions of our existence. Computers and televisions and movie screens. Created for our eyes. Piano's and Keyboards. Tennis rackets and pencils. Created by humans, for humans.

Now imagine a world inhabited by something formless. A void. What kinds of things would be created to suit that being? Solid walls can't contain it. It wouldn't travel distance and time like we do. There would be no cars or planes. These beings would be conjurers in the strictest sense. Not limited to/by the physical world. Everything they could do...imagine...be...is bound by different laws, from a different world.

That is how we've imagined 'Type-A' beings for decades. Their power and prowess knows no limitations. Because they are not like us. But if we take a step back and examine what's been going on, we start to see flaws in this otherwise flawless perception of them. Because they manifest as humanoids. They 'supposedly' fly around in solid objects that zoom through the air (and the oceans). They leave marks on their victims. They try to communicate. They impress themselves in the memory and they mimic us from our language, to our mannerisms and right on down to the people we've lost.

They are more like us than we think.

So how are they getting by on this faux existence of theirs? How have they managed to survive so long without a whistle blowing? Have they no defectors? Where's the hapless 'cryptoterrestrial' who longs to see the sun and live among the 'humans'? If they are not as powerful as they pretend to be, it is evident that are at the very least, far more aware of the things we still long to comprehend. They have to be older than humanity, because they have successfully perpetrated a cosmic hoax on a global scale.

They have tricked us into calling them Gods and Monsters. If they live underground, in small numbers, watching their kind slowly go extinct, then they have no choice but to come up for air and try to leave a trace of their existence behind. If they are the things in flying saucers, then they are attempting to create a race that can blend in seamlessly into our own, so that they do not go quietly into that good night that is where all things go to be forgotten. To become legend.

If they are the things that lurk in the dark, then it is because they secretly long to be seen and known, and maybe even feared, because they feel overpowered by us new kids on the block. If they are the beasts that roam the forests, or the underdwellers of the deepest caverns of the earth, then they are just as worthy of calling themselves earthlings as we are.

If they are any and all of these things, they are far more than what the supernatural has become; a system of divided interests, catalogued and referenced by those who proclaim to know all. The supernatural is any and all of these things, and I am certain we may come to find that none of them are indistinguishable from magic.

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