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Origin of the Unknowable Species and Other Misshaps

In scientific investigations, it is permitted to invent any hypothesis and, if it explains various large and independent classes of facts, it rises to the rank of a well-grounded theory. -- Charles Darwin

Some time ago, back when I first started writing for Binnall Of America, Tim Binnall asked me what my thoughts were on Bigfoot phenomena. I was never that forthcoming with my theory of the origins of the Hairy Beast man. Truth be told, I was exploring the Bigfoot as far back as second grade. It began with a bible passage about giants that has led me on a lifelong quest to solve the riddle of the human family tree.

There was a time we believed we descended from one kind of Hominid (Homo Habilis, Homo Erectus, Homo Sapien Sapien) to another, like a caterpillar to a butterfly. To say otherwise was a way of condemning yourself to the realm of the stupid naysayer versus the millions of intellectuals that have since embraced the Theory of Evolution.

There has never been a constructive argument for or against Evolution of the Species because Pro Evolutionists have the upper hand in a fragmented theory that has never been sufficient enough to explain the origin of humanity at all.

It works for the animal kingdom, but in an age when we are now discovering that Homo Neanderthalensis lived alongside and most certainly cohabitated with Homo Sapiens, I think it's time for those who bow down and kiss the toes of Evolutionary Theory to step back and shut up for two seconds.

I am all about the science and yes, I too err on the side of caution as far as creationists are concerned. No, I don't believe the world is 10000 years old or that Jesus rode on the back of a Dinosaur, no matter how insanely funny that looks on a t-shirt. I love science and I adhere to scientific theory but I do not adhere to one mans racist views on creation that were inspired by his racist father in a time when anyone who was not Caucasian and high society was deemed a lesser being.

I first picked up The Origin of the Species in fourth grade. I had read about this theory that humans came from apes and even then at the age of 10 I found it absurd. I was into Ancient Civilizations and Archeology and I believed I could find artifacts in my own backyard if I dug fast enough (before my grandfather got home and found holes in his garden).

In the 9th grade I wrote my counterattack on the Origin of the Species. Needless to say, I didn't make it to the Science Fair that year. One hundred and twenty something odd pages on why humans were never apes turned into a rant about ancient astronauts and diabolical old men with agendas. I could blame the X-Files or the memory of the late Zechariah Sitchin, but mostly I blame academia for never questioning how Darwin turned an opinion into a revolution.

The science of Evolution is intriguing and backed up with cohesive thought, but it is by no means succinct in its conclusion that we all descended from Apes. And that is the problem I have with it. It is like a tall glass of bullshit. It may be a full glass, but it's still bull shit. It explains nothing about our exact origins and how we came to be who we are today. Which brings me to my views on the Sasquatch, Bigfoot, Orang Pendek and the rest of their ilk.

The human tree has so many branches and more and more to be discovered that it has always been my belief that an unknown type of human may be living alongside us much in the way the Neanderthal lived alongside our ancestors. I don't see any reason why this would NOT be the case. We may think the world is overpopulated, but there are many places still uninhabited and lacking the influence of the modern human foot print.

There are also cases to support the idea of a giant wild man. Cases going as far back as the legends of the Native Americans. I thought I was the only one considering this path of logic until the History Channel aired a special on Bigfoot in which some scientists came to the same conclusion: That an unknown branch of the human tree may still be alive and well and living in the remotest regions, completely untainted by modern humans.

Considering the current theory that we outlived all other branches of our family tree by the 'survival of the fittest' ideology, this would partially explain why these beings take great care in avoiding detection.

If we take a careful, speculative look back in time we can also consider that we were dominant solely because we could do things they could not. We could communicate across greater distances, expanding our influence. We migrated. We stayed in packs and we dominated any weaker or lesser species.

Any other kind of human that did not adhere to the same golden rules was never going to last long. But if we look further and actually take hard core scientific fact into consideration, the beings we once deemed not as intelligent buried their dead, had a fascination with red pigments (still a mystery), did communicate, migrate and even integrate itself into other tribes, then we are dealing with a whole other ball game.

What it boils down to is simultaneous occupation of not only Modern humans, but also Neanderthal, Homo Florensis, The X-Woman (Denisovan) species and if we can name four possible candidates than how can we rule out the possibility of more? Better still, mythology from ancient civilizations gives us insight into the many different kinds of humans that were believed to have populated the earth at any given time.

For those so inclined as not to believe in Extraterrestrials and Gods, well then you have no choice but to consider the fact that far more intelligent beings showed the Sumerians, who at the time didn't even have a written language, how to be civilized. If not aliens and gods influencing ancient humans, than most certainly Humans influencing 'other' humans.

I often return to that bible passage... 'There were giants in the earth in those days, when the sons of god saw the daughters of man, that they were beautiful...and took wives of them.' If not angels, aliens or gods... then obviously one kind of human cohabiting with another kind of human, in a world where it was considered taboo because one race was considered far more intelligent and superior than the other.

What you don't find is evidence of any Ape-like species (Australopithecus Afarensis) cohabiting or existing alongside any kind of Homo Sapien. Better yet, there is no evidence to support that Ape-like beings were in any way like apes. Unless we took a trip back in time to actually observe them, we cannot say whether or not appearances are deceptive, or better still, that half of those fossils in the museum are an amalgam of parts that do not belong to the same being.

In effect, we may be crowding the Human family tree with other species that do not belong there. Just because they looked humanoid, that does not mean that one is of another, etc. In fact it could mean that many humanoids have shared this planet without ever having been related in any way. What would we think if Humanoids from Space came to earth? That because they resemble us they must be our ancestors? What if the Universe just has a predisposition for making everyone look like that?

So who's to say the hairy beast man hasn't been here as long as we have or longer? Who's to say they haven't been living beside us at one time as one people, only to become somehow relegated to myth and legend for some unknown reason that can only be found in a holy book of some religion?

If the Bigfoot is like us, then given time he/she will step out into the sun to reclaim what is theirs. To become the sole benefactors of a planet finally rid of the one thing that was stopping them from living in the light in the first place: Those damn dirty humans.

*If you wish to argue with me about The Origin Of The Species, Jesus Horses or why Unicorns didn't make it onto the Ark, spam my blog @ yufology.blogspot.com

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