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Dead Rising

I've never said I didn't believe in the paranormal. I have, however said I don't believe in ghosts. Somehow people think that is one and the same. It's not. You see, I do believe that there are entities who are often times invisible to the naked eye, and that these entities use energy to manifest or make their presence known, whether it be through electronic voice phenomena or knocks and bangs.

I've seen and heard and felt it all, first hand. I know it's there. I just don't think it's the spirits of the dead coming back for a visit. Whatever these things are, they have been around for a very, very long time. So long in fact that they have evolved with humanity. While there once was a time when our ancestors needed to be manipulated into accepting these entities, through some foolish parlor tricks--- like say, appearing as dead loved ones--- nower days, these things are keeping up with the Joneses.

We are technologically advanced and spiritually lost. We build robots and shuttles to the moon. We have satellites in the night sky. We are Demigods. These things, they don't have to pretend to be our dead loved ones to manipulate and deceive us anymore. They can be aliens from distant worlds, or fantastical creatures from our favorite books, like vampires and werewolves. As we evolve, they evolve. They have to keep up appearances and in turn, we keep believing in them, and they keep on coming.

The annoying this is that many a 'ghosthunter'---although privy to demonology--- will rarely embrace the possibility that the things they call ghosts may just be something else altogether. Beings who can flit through our world unseen and for the most part, unnoticed. They barely make a ripple in the fabric of space and time. At least not any visible dents.

Consider the fact that if they happen to manifest into full fledged apparitions, they are humanoid in form, and yet there is always something off about them. Some part of them is disproportionate, or missing, or worse... inhuman. When they speak, they either register in odd, static whispers or scary growls. It is rare to see one that may resemble an actual human or sound normal. I am not saying the latter hasn't happened, but when has it happened enough times to be considered a factual occurrence?

Better yet, it's even rarer to see one act the way you'd expect a human spirit to act.

We have to ask ourselves, if I died and could come back, would I show up as a shadow that is barely recognizable and perhaps malevolent? Would I show up wispy and barely visible so as to hardly register to the naked human eye? No. That is the sort of thing one does when one does NOT want to be seen or worse, when one wants to play on the fear mechanism. And why scare people? Oh, right... energy. Lots and lots of it.

This brings me to why the dead would need such living energy to manifest. Some would argue that because we live in a physical world, the dead would have to 'physically' manifest and therefore are burdened by the same scientific/natural laws that allow us to exist. I beg to differ. I say, if you can't manifest, or you need to feed off the beings here in order to manifest, then it is simply because you don't belong here, and if the dead were once humans who belonged here, then they shouldn't have such a hard time poking in and out every once in a while. Technically, this is still there world. Their domain. They are still humans, no matter how long they've been gone.

Recently I watched Alan Alda go from one end of the world to the other, in search of the Human Spark. He spoke to all sorts of scientists with all sorts of ideas, theories, experiments, facts and historical points of view. He wanted to know what it is that makes us human. How is it that the Neanderthal never advanced forward and yet we did? How is it that we are no more separated from Apes than we are from worms, and yet we have laptops?

Better still is the constant battle between Evolutionary theory and Intelligent Design. Because as humans we seek things that not only define us, but are just like us. Every intelligent thing must resemble us. IF there is a god, it must favor us. We have built an invisible stairway to the heavens from which to raise ourselves above all other things. It is the unnerving human need that built the Tower of Babel and decimated far off lands and subjugated people we consider less civilized and in turn, not as human.

In the end, we are asking what it is that makes us human. So, if we live as humans and we die as humans, shouldn't the dead return as humans? Isn't that the point? To finally find out who and what we are? I am not saying the dead should return in the flesh they shed upon taking their last breath. I am the last one asking for a Zombie Apocalypse. What I am saying is, the dead are dead, yes, but if they can come back, even if it's just for a short while, then they should return as who they were, not as things that we cannot comprehend.

Whether it be in spirit form, as some manifesting energy or as an apparition, a human spirit hoping to communicate shouldn't have an agenda other than to take in the world they left and the people they lost. So the next time some 'thing' comes at you from the dark, makes its mark on your voice recorder, video camera or EMF meter, consider the possibility, even if it's for a brief moment, that whatever you are entertaining may not be a human spirit at all, but perhaps something you've never imagined.

Who knows, maybe one day we may all come to find that when you die, you don't just disappear. Maybe there is a way to come back. And if there is, would you rather spend that time looking in on your friends and family or visiting your favorite places, or would you prefer to spend it sitting in a dark place, waiting for some unsuspecting person to come walking by?

People don't just die and become stupid. Haunting's are for things that were never human to begin with. They have no sense of value of what it means to have once been alive and because of this very lack of understanding (regarding mortality), they are the things that live in the dark and they have nothing else to do but stay there, because they don't know any better.

But then again, I could be wrong. If there is a heaven, it could be full. If there is a limbo, it could be eternally opened for business. So, people will continue to die and remain stuck and lost and forever doomed to haunt their old physical ties to our world. But that is so cliché and so...Hollywood. And so... life imitating art. And soooo... John Edward.

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