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BOA : Audio
BOA : Audio

BoA Audio, The X-Conference Sessions in Flash Streaming Audio

7.2.5 : Monsignor Corrado Balducci @ X-Conference 2 (MP3)

Ultra-rare interview with the highest ranking Catholic official to speak on UFOs.
Time : 52 Minutes

6.25.5 : X-Conference Press Conference (Part 4) (MP3)

Featuring Steve Bassett & Robert Wood.
Time : 23 Minutes

6.18.5 : X-Conference Press Conference (Part 3) (MP3)

Featuring Alfred Webre, Michael Salla, and Bruce Maccabee.
Time : 41 Minutes

6.11.5 : X-Conference Press Conference (Part 2) (MP3)

Six speakers coveringa variety of Expolitical topics.
Time : 42 Minutes

6.4.5 : X-Conference Press Conference (Part 1) (MP3)

Steve Bassett kicks off the Press Conference
Time : 37 Minutes

5.28.5 : Alfred Webre @ X-Conference 2 (MP3)

Discussion of Exopolitics with the father of the movement.
Time : 40 Minutes

5.21.5 : Dr. Michael Salla @ X-Conference 2 (MP3)

Thorough interview covering a variety of UFO related topics.
Time : 29 Minutes

5.14.5 : Stanton Friedman @ X-Conference 2 (MP3)

binnall's first ever interview and with the Father of Modern Day Ufology, no less.
Time : 31 Minutes

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BoA : Audio, Season One

Special Session

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