Part 2 of the Jim Marrs interview was recorded on 8.4.2005. In this hour long discussion, we cover Remote Viewing, it's drop in popularity and credibility and why that has happened. We also talk about what the strangest thing is that Jim has heard of being Remote Viewed. Moving on to 911, we first outline the case behind 911 being a "inside job". Within that discussion, we briefly touch upon the phenomenon of solid information getting out in the early hours of an event and subsquently covered up. Following that, we cover possible nuke attacks in America. What circumstances would indicate that an attack is emminent and what the result would be for America, both near term and long term.

Also included in this interview : the 2004 presidential election and voting machines, border security, 2012, the Bible Code, Jim's appearance on the Penn and Teller show, what an average day is like for Jim Marrs, and much much more.

Jim Marrs is the author of the esoteric classics "Crossfire", "Rule By Secrecy", and "Alien Agenda". They are essential reading for all esoteric researchers. Jim Marrs has also authored one of the first books ever on Remote Viewing, "Psi Spies", and two books on 911, "War on Freedom" and "Inside Job". His website is

topics discussed:
1 hr 9 min
Jim Marrs

Part 2 of 2