BoA : Audio, Season One kicks off with Jim Marrs in an interview conducted on July 28th, 2005. In the first installment, we discuss the JFK assassination, the overall agenda behind it, various other theories re: the assassination and what purpose they ultimately serve, Jim's role in making the Oliver Stone JFK movie, the JFK - UFO connection, the evolution of Ufology, what is the "alien agenda" and what it probably isn't, Disclosure, NASA, a possible covert space program, Secret Societies, the pyramid power structure and how it works, how many people are at the top of the pyramid and who they might be, examples of the pyramid in action with the media and much much more.

Jim Marrs is the author of the esoteric classics "Crossfire", "Rule By Secrecy", and "Alien Agenda". They are essential reading for all esoteric researchers. Jim Marrs has also authored one of the first books ever on Remote Viewing, "Psi Spies", and two books on 911, "War on Freedom" and "Inside Job". His website is

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1 hr 3 min
Jim Marrs

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