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Binnall of America : Audio


Interview with Monsignor Corrado Balducci @ X-Conference 2
(52 minutes)

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A once in a lifetime experience for this intrepid reporter. At X-Conference 2, as I chronicled for "After Dark" magazine, Paola Harris was gracious enough to facilitate an interview with the esteemed Monsignor Corrado Balducci.

Monsignor Balducci is the highest ranking official to publically speak about the ET presence. He is also an expert on demonology and parapsychology and is a former exorcist for the diocese of Rome. He is the meeting point between theology and Ufology and a living legend in the field of UFO research.

Paola Harris served as translator during this interview. She is an accomplished UFO researcher with a worldwide scope. She works mainly out of Italy where she strives to bring the most established American UFO researchers over to Italy to share information with their European counterparts. She is a true educator to those in the field and has her finger on the pulse of Ufology more than perhaps anyone else in the field.

Participating in the interview, aside from binnall, are Frank Knize, a documentary filmmaker working on a UFO film, Robert Miles, an former abductee, an accomplished author, and presently working on a UFO documentary. Alongside Robert are his son, Anthony Miles, and Bruce, their producer who participated in the interview via computer while residing in Germany. So this was truly a worldwide interview.