We begin the interview by going through the events that led to Gary's arrest, starting with his early interest in the UFO phenomenon and how that led to his decision to hack the US government's computers. We talk about the motivations behind his decision to pursue hacking as a means to get UFO secrets. Gary goes over the events of his arrest and how the UK officials' stance on his crimes changed after they'd been briefed by US officials. We find out the motivations of Gary's side in this legal fight and what they are looking for with regards to how the case may play out.

We find out at what point in the legal process did Gary's motivations of finding UFO secrets come to light and what the reaction of UK and US officials was to that revelation. What does Gary's family think of the charges against him and what does he fear most about the charges against him.

We talk about the other famous UK UFO Hacker, Matthew Bevan, and what made his case different from Gary's case. We talk about the addictive nature of hacking and what the reaction to his case has been from the hacking community. We also find out the extent of the computer limitations that have been placed on Gary by prosecutors. Did Gary have an end game in mind when he was hacking the computers and did he fear the eventuality of an arrest.

We reflect on why Gary doesn't have any "hard evidence" from his days searching for UFO secrets in the government computers. He talks about some of the circumstantial evidence he did see. We find out why Gary didn't print out any of the pictures he saw or save them for future use. He goes, in-depth, over the story of hacking NASA and looking for UFO pictures.

Is there a larger, known, community of hackers specifically looking for UFO secrets ? We cover the "non-terrestrial officers" aspect of his story from a number of different angles. We find out how long Gary was hacking NASA and what else he may have found. We cover the various organizations and events that Gary may have hacked into, ranging from DARPA, 911, the CIA, FBI, NSA, and HAARP.

Gary talks about the US government's plea bargain deal that he did not take and why he didn't take it. Did any aspect of the potential for employment come up with the prosecutors. Playing Devil's Advocate, we ask how Gary answers the critics who don't believe he was actually looking for UFO secrets.

What does Gary think of the attention that his story has drawn from the media, both mainstream and esoteric. Gary talks about how the UFO aspect of his story hurts his case in some ways and also how it has been pushed aside in the UK in favor of coverage of extradition laws. Why there was a 3 year period between the original charges being filed and Gary speaking out to the media and how his first interview with Jon Ronson came about. He also talks about the strange trend of the media portraying him as a "kid" and why he thinks that has come about. Gary dissuades the rumours of nefarious circumstances that kept him from appearing on Coast to Coast AM.

Is Gary particularly frustrated that he has no bargaining chip in the form of pictures or hard UFO evidence. We also find out about whatever additional evidence he may have had that was seized by the government. Gary talks about a few strange events that have happened since his story broke, including some stuff that's he's never told anyone before.

Has Gary heard from anyone within Ufology, either for support or criticism. Has Gary heard anything about the case from the UK Ministry of Defense UFO Department. What's the extent of the help that Gary is receiving from Steven Greer. How does Gary feel about being characterized as a "martyr for Ufology".

What's the timetable for Gary's case from here. How long does Gary think it will take for this case to be entirely settled. Does Gary discourage folks from hacking for UFO secrets and was his hacking for UFO secrets worth it. Is Gary sitting on any additional information that he's waiting to use that may be helpful for him in the future. We wrap it up with the story behind www.freegary.org.uk and how folks can help Gary out.

The former computer systems administrator is accused of hacking into 97 United States military and NASA computers in 2001 and 2002. The computer networks he is accused of hacking include networks owned by NASA, the US Army, US Navy, Department of Defense and the US Air Force, and also one belonging to The Pentagon. The US estimates claim the costs of tracking and correcting the problems he allegedly caused were around 700,000 USD.

McKinnon was originally tracked down and arrested under the Computer Misuse Act by the UK National Hi-Tech Crime Unit (NHTCU) in 2002, and later that year was also indicted by the United States government. He remained at liberty although subject to bail conditions including a requirement to sign in at his local police station every evening, and to remain at his home address at night. In addition he was banned from using a computer with access to the internet. There have been no further developments in respect of the charges relating to United Kingdom legislation, but in late 2005 the United States formally began extradition proceedings.

If he is extradited to the U.S. and charged, McKinnon faces up to 70 years in jail and has expressed fears that he could be sent to Guantanamo Bay. He has said that he will contest the extradition proceedings and believes that he should face trial in the UK, principally as he argues that his "crimes" were committed there and not in the United States.

You can find out more information on the latest developments in the Gary McKinnon case @ www.freegary.org.uk

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