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Binnall of America : Audio
Binnall of America : Audio


X-Conference Press Conference @ the National Press Club (Part 2)
(42 minutes, 6 seconds)

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Part 2 of the Post-X-Conference Press Conference features a plethora of fantastic researchers from the field of Ufology. Alfred Webre and Steve Bassett both speak at the beginning, followed by Dr. Michael Salla, Richard Dolan, Grant Cameron, and finally, Bob Wood.

Richard Dolan is a historian and author of the critically acclaimed "UFOs and the National Security State: Chronology of a Coverup 1941 - 1973". His website is www.keyholepublishing.com.

Grant Cameron, a native of Canada, has done extensive study on the relationship between the UFO phenomenon and past US presidents. His website is www.presidentialufo.com.

Bob Wood, a former aerospace engineer, specializes in document work in the UFO field, with an addition specialization in crash retrieval research. His website is www.majesticdocuments.com

For the Alfred Webre bio and his interview with binnallofamerica.com, please go HERE. For the Steve Bassett bio and his opening of the Press Conference, please go HERE. For the Michael Salla bio and his interview with binnallofamerica.com, please go HERE.