We kick it off by first getting some background on Royce Myers, why he created UFOWatchdog.com, and how it has evolved. Royce looks at how Ufology has utilized the internet as a medium, in both positive and negative ways.

Royce speculates on what he thinks motivates hoaxers to gravitate towards the UFO field. How does Royce reconcile the often stated mantra "there's no money to be made in Ufology" with the fact that there seem to be an awful lot of money changing hands in Ufology. This segues to an in-depth discussion of the infamous Dr. Johnathan Reed hoax and how Royce and UFOWatchdog.com played a hand in uncovering the hoax.

Moving on from there, Royce talks about the Alien Autopsy film, and the latest developments in that case. Royce tells us of another controversial case from 2003 in Brazil that he investigated as well. He gives insight into what disappoints him about Ufology today. He also gives his side of the story on the infamous lawsuit filed against UFOWatchdog.com by Sean David Morton.

A while back, Royce named "aliens" as the "Dirtbag of the Month." He explains why and extrapolates on the cultural imprint the concept of "aliens" has made on the public psyche. Royce talks about the UFOWatchdog.com "Hall of Fame" and the researchers who receive this stamp of approval from the website.

Covering current events, Royce talks about the SERPO story that is making the rounds in Ufology today. Royce also discusses his most recent appearance at a UFO conference and whether or not it changed his mind about UFO conferences. He also previews what's next for UFOWatchdog and whether or not he'd considered a book on his work and why that's unlikely to happen.

Royce Myers is the editor and creator of ufowatchdog.com. He has an occupational and educational background in law enforcement and criminalistics (forensics) and holds an AAS degree in Criminal Justice. Royce has conducted field investigations into cattle mutilations and crop phenomenon working in conjunction with the BLT Research Team. ufowatchdog.com comes to you from the home of Royce and is operated by him with the occassional assistance of friends, fellow researchers and investigators, and other contributors. And no matter what anyone says, the government is not funding Royce as a debunker as is the fantasy of those who overestimate their importance...

His website is ufowatchdog.com

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1 hr 15 min
Royce Myers