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Binnall of America : Audio
Binnall of America : Audio


binnall interviews Stanton Friedman @ X-Conference 2
(31 minutes, 48 seconds)

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If you have any downloading problems, contact binnall : tbinnall@hotmail.com. As always, your feedback is appreciated.

In an interview conducted on April 23, 2005, binnall sat down with the "Father of Modern Day Ufology" to discuss a variety of UFO related topics, such as whether Friedman gets frustrated being in the field for so long and not getting tangible evidence, what he thinks of rumours of Disclosure, his thoughts on the evolution of Ufology, and his unique take on steroids in baseball.

Stanton Friedman is the author of "Crash at Corona" and "Top Secret : Majic". He was the principal investigator of both the Roswell crash and the MJ-12 documents. His website is : www.stantonfriedman.com.