We start off by getting some background on Joe Fex and how he got involved in studying the esoteric. We move on to discuss the Janice Carter Coy case in Tennessee of a family that had close interraction with the Bigfoot. Fex discusses the telepathic and paranormal nature of Bigfoot and how "mainstream cryptozoology" refuses to acknowledge it.

Phantom panthers and UFOs and what Bigfoot told Joe Fex about them. An oral history of Bigfoot based on historic interractions with the creature. Fex has advice for those who may run afoul of the Bigfoot.

Fex tells us of his trip to Tennessee and his chilling and bizarre run in with the Bigfoot. He also discusses the strange creatures known as "panther men" and the two kinds that seem to exist out there as well as other strange animal manifestations. Tie ins between Bigfoot and UFO sightings flaps and what Fex thinks is the reason for these two phenomenon "bleeding into each other."

Stories that fall by the wayside from "mainstream" cryptozoologists and what became of Joe Fex once he began researching the Carter Coy case. Joe talks about how the pre-occupation with proving "Bigfoot is an ape" has held back cryptozoology. He talks about the Patterson film and the endless attempts at debunking it and why they are wrong but still picked up by the mainstream media. Fex shares with us the keys to identifying true Bigfoot footprints.

Joe's response to the call for "proof" by many in both the mainstream and in esoterica. Joe discusses some of the evidence he has collected and shares a picture of a Bigfoot tool. He talks about the vast library of slides and pictures in his collection including some rare stuff from early Ufology and cryptozoology.

We discuss Joe's latest project, the analysis of a decades old Sasquatch photo. Does Joe plan on allowing access to his archive of material on a more formal basis ? Fex previews an upcoming article penned by him for FATE magazine and his appearance this Summer at the UFO Watchtower Conference.

Joe Fex is the founder and curator of the APE-X Research Archives which houses one of the most extensive paranormal related photographic and rare-data research archives in the Midwestern region including some of the oldest known UFO photos and Sasquatch documents of the modern age dating back into the mid 1800s as well as documents reflecting phenomena in ancient times.

Fex has had a lifetime of first-hand paranormal experiences prompting his extensive studies and pursuits into the unknown and his explorations have lead to many highly controversial theories and heated debate. He has served as consultant and provided research assistance to many of the most renown and respected minds in paranormal science in most fields of research and is internationally recognized as one of the nation’s top minds in the fields of Sasquatch and UFO studies.

He has dedicated over sixteen years to the collection and study of data, twelve years of research assistance and public education and nearly a decade of private and public lectures throughout the western United States. He’s conducted several various expeditions with groundbreaking results and is currently living in Denver, Colorado and collecting notes for various papers, articles and books for publication and lecturing.

His website is : http://www.ufothinktank.com/apexresearch/index.php

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Joe Fex