The interview begins with getting some background on Nick Redfern and how he got interested in the UFO phenomenon, including his evolution as a researcher and writer. What made him decide to tackle the surveillance of Ufologists as the topic for his latest book. We discuss the aspects of the surveillance being either covert or overt and what is behind each type. What agencies are behind the surveillance and is there a chain of command ? The infamous contactees, how and why they drew the attention of the government. Is the Air Force and/or FBI still conducting surveillance of Ufologists ? How surveillance has changed over the years.

What are the elements that can cause the government to monitor a Ufologist. UFO research groups (NICAP, APRO, MUFON, etc.) and how extensive has the infiltration of them been over the years. Is it safe to assume that the Disclosure movement may fall under the gaze of government surveillance. What can happen once a UFO group is infiltrated by sinister forces. The infamous missing APRO files and how that situation arose.

Have the government's fears of subversives in Ufology ever been borne out ? How extensive is the government paranoia of subversives in Ufology today ? Nick tells the stories of computer hackers Matthew Bevan and Gary McKinnon.

Are "Men in Black" still an esoteric phenomenon or has it faded away ? The origins of the MIB stories and the two versions of MIBs. The strange MIB case that was actually revealed to be from the government via released declassified documents. The controversial story of UMMO and how the KGB may have been involved in it. The bizarre story of an ET possibly breaking into the office of a UK defense contractor and how it may actually be related to "psychic spies".

Nick also discusses "The Sandman", a major source for the book and the sort of information that he was provided from The Sandman. Nick gives a first hand perspective on the huge burst of interest in Ufology in the UK in the 1990's and how he and the other prominent UK researchers drew the attention of UK officials. He also explains why The Sandman was allowed to give him such candid information. How the popularity of Ufology in the UK has waned in the last few years and what the UK Ufology scene is like now.

UK Ufology versus US Ufology, the similarities and the differences. Nick also discusses some of the early cases of UFO research conducted by the UK government dating as far back as 1913. How the evolution of UK Ufology has mirrored American Ufology.

Nick Redfern is one of the world’s foremost authorities on UFOS. His previous books include A Covert Agenda; The FBI Files; Cosmic Crashes; Strange Secrets (with Andy Roberts); Three Men Seeking Monsters; and Body Snatchers in the Desert. He has written for Military Illustrated; Eye Spy; Fate; Fortean Times; Phenomena Magazine; and the London Daily Express newspaper. He runs the American office of the British-based Center for Fortean Zoology.

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Nick Redfern

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