This week's edition of BoA : Audio welcomes Jerry E. Smith to the show to discuss the book he co-authored, "Secrets of the Holy Lance". In Part 1 of this lengthy interview, we begin first by getting some background on Jerry and how he came to the world of esoterica, including the influence of his childhood friend, esoteric writer Jim Keith.

From there, we move on to discuss "Secrets of the Holy Lance", including the unique chapter style and the spear pictured on the cover of the book, leading into a general discussion on the physical characteristics of the spear. We talk about "relics", what they are, the various "classes" of relics, and their significance.

Jerry tells us about the origins of the Spear of Longinus and its role in the Passion. How it earned the title of "Spear of Destiny" and the legend that surrounds it. Where Longinus and the Spear may have gone after the Passion and which theory Jerry thinks has most credence. The key events where the spear may have gained its legend. The difficulties in tracing the Spear from Longinus to today. The infamous story of St. Maurice and how it ties into the Spear.

The rise of Constantine and how it relates to the Spear of Destiny, including the Battle of the Milvian Bridge and Constantine's vision and other odd supernatural happenenings that happened to Constantine when he had the Spear. The rumours of the origins of the spear, pre-Longinus, including the legend of Tubal Cane and potential ET metal. The humorous story of Attila the Hun and his brief possession of the Spear.

The chain of custody of the Spear post-Constantine, including the key figure of Emperor Justinius. From there we discuss the re-emergence of the Spear with Charlemagne and the role it played in his rule. Is Charlemagne's spear the one found today in Vienna ? We discuss the scientific testing done in 2003 to the Vienna spear. How the Spear travels to Nurembourg and becomes part of the Hapsburg Regalia and eventually ends up in Vienna as a result of Napolean's quest to capture it. We end this week's portion with Hitler discovering the spear in the museum in Vienna and how it transformed his life.

Next Week: In Part 2 of 2, we discuss the Spear in World War II, how Hitler got it and what he did with it afterwards. Himmler's fascination with the esoteric. The potential for a duplicate spear to have been created at the time. Nazi Antarctic bases, Operation High Jump, the mysterious circumstances of Hitler's death and Nazi's escaping to Argentina, general existential thoughts on the Spear, and a side discussion on the life and times of Jim Keith.

Jerry E. Smith has been a writer, editor and activist for over three decades.

In 1991 Mr. Smith and Jim Keith, author of Black Helicopters Over America: Strikeforce for the New World Order and numerous other conspiracy and mind control books, founded the National UFO Museum (NUFOM) in Reno, Nevada. From 1991 to 1994 Mr. Smith was the Executive Director of NUFOM, while Mr. Keith acted as the Chairman of the Board. In addition to his administrative duties of running the day-to-day operations of NUFOM, Mr. Smith also edited and wrote for that organization's quarterly journal, Notes from the Hangar.

At the same time Mr. Smith worked as an editor/graphic artist with Jim Keith's magazine Dharma Combat: The Magazine of Spirituality, Reality and Other Conspiracies. Jerry served variously as Managing Editor and Art Director from Dharma Combat's inception in 1988 until Jim's untimely death in 1999. Today he lives and continues to write in Reno, Nevada.

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Jerry E. Smith

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