We kick things off with the standard bio/background on Philip Spencer and the Frazier Land / Panther Rock area of Kentucky. He then shares his own bizarre and compelling experiences in the area. He also tells of some of the strange happenings during the making of Mystery of Panther Rock and recounts one of the Bigfoot sightings detailed in the film.

We then discuss the cave known as "Panther Rock" and find out just how big it is and if it is possible for people to fully explore the location. He also relates an unusual aspect about the "Panther Rock" cave, which makes it stand out from the rest of the region. We then find out about some of the stories from Native American history about "Panther Rock," including how the location got its unusual name.

This segues into Philip telling us about the "Frazier Mud Track" and the dueling analysis he has received from canine and feline experts as to what exactly made the print. Philip also recounts an abnormal incident that happened soon after the track was made and his investigation into the incident. We find out if this area of Kentucky could really support the kind of creatures that have been reported. The conversation then turns towards pondering whether the area is more of a parnormal hotbed (ala Skinwalker Ranch) rather than just a stomping grounds for flesh and blood mystery animals.

We next discuss another strange piece of paranormalia to come out of the area: the Frazier Howl. Philip details what it is, where it came from, and then we play it, so that the folks at home can hear it for themselves. Philip then discusses the unusual reaction of the witness' dogs when he was recording the sound. He then details the feedback he's gotten from experts who have heard the clip and his own research into finding a corresponding sound.

This leads into some discussion of a similar type incident which happened to the same farmer who recorded the "Frazier Howl," where his dogs had a strange run-in with a mystery creature. Philip details the gruesome fate of the dogs who fought the creature and the truly strange description of the creature. Philip explains why he does not think the creature was a Bigfoot, but something else entirely. He ties this creature in with another sighting of a mystery entity, which resembled a wolf walking on its hind legs. From there, Philip details some of the Big Cat sightings from the area as well.

Next, we talk about strange stone structures found in the woods around Panther Rock, which have no discernable purpose nor origin. This segues into Philip recounting the filming process in the woods around Panther Rock at night and the eerie events that took place that night. Philip speculates on how it seems like the film crew was "led away" from the main area of interest by anomalous events seemingly intending to lead the crew astray.

We find out if there have been any psychic examinations of the area and this leads to Philip warning people not to go to Panther Rock, because it is private land and extremely dangerous. Philip then recounts an incident in his childhood which mirrors some of the other bizarre occurrances in the area. We then find out what the reaction is from local residents to the strange reputation of the area. Philip, in turn, details the first night on the property for the "ex farmer," who later would go on to tape the "Frazier Howl."

Following that, we talk about some of the stories recounted on the DVD of people shooting the Bigfoot at point blank range and nothing happening to the creature, which leads us to ponder if the "Kill v. No Kill" debate in Bigfoot research is a moot point. Philip shares where he falls on the "Kill v. No Kill" debate. He also talks about the quandry of being in possession of remarkable evidence and information but being bound by confidentiality to keep it secret. While not revealing the secret information, Philip does say whether or not it has led him to any conclusions about the mysteries in Anderson County.

Wrapping things up, we find out what's next for Philip Spencer and where folks can get their hands on a copy of Mystery of Panther Rock, the DVD and/or book.

Philip Spencer grew up in Anderson County, Kentucky, in the town of Lawrenceburg. Blessed or cursed with an insatiable curiosity for everything, he has been seeking answers to the mysteries of life, death and the paranormal since childhood. A 30-year veteran investigator, he has amassed hundreds of case files in his research of strange events that have occurred around the world. Bigfoot however, is the author's preferred area of research as in Anderson County, Kentucky, there have been many sightings of the enigmatic creature known the world over. His first book, The Wildman of Kentucky, The Mystery of Panther Rock, entails these sightings and much more, taking the reader on a journey into the heart of the "Dark and Bloody Ground" one of the most active paranormal places in the nation also known as "The Frazier Land."

His website is philipspencer.net

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Philip Spencer