Mac starts out by giving us the basics on the CTH and brings everyone up to speed on just what it is. He talks about how the CTH came about and what separates it from the Jaques Valee theory of interdimensional beings.

If the cryptoterrestrials exist here on Earth, where are they most likely to be located ? He explains how the CTH "works" better than the ET hypothesis when it comes to reports of UFOs over nuclear facilities. He also explains how abductions may be best explained with the cryptoterrestrial hypothesis.

Mac tries to clear up the misconception that the CTH v. ETH debate is an "either / or" scenario. He talks about methods of testing the cryptoterrestrial hypothesis. We find out what Mac thinks the CTs would look like. Also, how does he fits the classic UFO scenario into the CTH. (If the CTs are on Earth, what are UFOs ?)

We get Mac's take on the classic conspiracy elements to the UFO phenomenon and what bearing they have on the CTH, if any. He also talks about how the CTs may need humans around for a variety of reasons and may be steering human evolution or development.

Mac looks at the UFO phenomenon of the last 60 years from the CT's point of view and tries to explain what may have motivated them to make the UFO phenomenon occur. We find out if Mac has considered crop circles as part of the CTH. He discusses the testimony of those who have researched DMT and seen "tykes" and how that research may tie into the CTH.

He talks about Valee's paper "The Absurd Humanoids" and how it works into the CTH point of view. He also tackles some of the inherent problems with the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis. He also touches on the various human aspects of the perceived ETs that may, in fact, add more ammunition to the CTH.

We discuss the story of the recently discovered "hobbit fossils" and how this is "proof of concept" for the CTH. He also talks about what lead up to his creation of the CTH and how long he has been ruminating on it. He also talks about how the cryptoterrestrials may be a genetic caste system. Mac touches on a story of potential cryptoterrestrial interraction from World War II.

Mac tells us what the general reaction has been, so far, from the Ufological community to the cryptoterrestrial hypothesis. We discuss how, based of various and vastly different descriptions of little beings throughout the world, we may be dealing with multiple races of cryptoterrestrials. Mac explains why the CTs haven't "outed" themselves and what this may tell us about them.

Wrapping up the cryptoterrestrial discussion, Mac tells us what's next for the CTH, including a future book on the subject. He also delves into the evolution of the name "cryptoterrestrial" for the hypothesis. He also leaves the crypto discussion with one more "paranoid, disturbing idea to play with".

Moving on from there, we tackle some big picture issues with regards to Ufology, starting with BoA staple topic "young people and Ufology". We find out Mac's opinion on why Ufology isn't drawing in those younger researchers and what could be done to draw them towards studying the UFO phenomenon.

From there we discuss the situation in Ufology today, which sees a fragmentation of the field into a variety of factions. Mac talks about what makes the newer generation of Ufologists different from the "old school" Ufologists. He goes on to tell us what he thinks esoterica, above and beyond Ufology, needs to become in order to evolve. Mac talks about the role of fiction in shaping people's views on the UFO phenomenon and what he's surprised by with regards to Ufology and science fiction. We discuss the difference opinion within Ufology over what to do about the UFO phenomenon, investigation v. activism, and how Mac is "an anarchist when it comes to UFOs".

We then talk about the general feeling that Ufology is "broken" and what may have caused that feeling. We get Mac's perspective on Ufology and the Internet, both the good and the bad elements. Mac talks about his interest in the future and some of the big picture questions he ponders. He also speculates on whether or not Bigfoot will be discovered. He also speculates a little on what the future may hold for discoveries related to the UFO phenomenon.

Heading towards the end, we talk about Mac's work with the Society for Planetary SETI Research. This segues into a discussion on how SETI, the organization, has somewhat monopolized the term "SETI", despite it being applied to many other groups. Taking a slight turn off course, we find out about Mac's as-yet-unfinished novel, "Women and Children First".

Wrapping it all up, we find out what's next for Mac Tonnies in 2007.

Mac Tonnies is an author/essayist whose futuristic fiction and speculative essays have appeared in many print and online publications. He's the author of Illumined Black, a collection of science fiction short-stories, and After the Martian Apocalypse (Paraview Pocket Books, 2004). Mac maintains "Posthuman Blues," a widely read blog devoted to emerging technologies and paranormal phenomena, and is a member of the Society for Planetary SETI Research. He lives in Kansas City, Missouri, where he writes, reads and surfs the Net. He is currently at work on a new book.

His blog is and his formal website is

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Mac Tonnies

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