We begin by getting some background on Mac Tonnies and how he grativated towards the esoteric. Mac clears up the present situation with his book "After the Martian Apocalypse", which is now quite hard to find. He explains what piqued his interest in Mars anomalies, in the first place, and how that led to his investigation into the phenomenon. He also provides a thumbnail look at his book and how it is different from many of the other Mars anomaly books out there. He explains why he takes NASA to task in the book and how their actions betray their public claims of "searching for life".

We move on to discuss the infamous "Face on Mars" and get Mac's take on this anomaly. We discuss how "The Face" occupies a lower public perception in the mainstream, as opposed to other areas of esoterica, and why that may be. We also discuss what may be behind the antagonism between NASA and the Mars anomaly research community. He explains his belief with regards to conspiracy theories involving NASA and Mars anomalies and why these theories are so popular. He also goes on to discuss how, if there is a conspiracy, that its more "nuanced and subtle" than hardcore conspiracy believers make it out to be.

Outside of "The Face", Mac tells us what other Mars anomalies are worthy of note and investigation, including the many different features of the Cydonia region. Mac goes on to tell us what he thinks it will take for us to "know for sure" regarding the true nature of the Mars anomalies. Mac responds to the latest pictures of "The Face" from ESA that came out last Fall and made big news in esoterica.

From there, we discuss the Mars anomaly research community and how it exploded in 1998 when the "catbox pictures" went public and what elements came together to cause this explosion in interest. Mac tells us what's happened to the Mars anomaly community in the post-98 explosion and what may be coming up that could breathe life into the community. We also touch on the "Martian Nazca Lines" and Mac gives us his take on this additional anomaly on the red planet.

We get Mac's opinion on Mars anomaly research "superstar" Richard C. Hoagland, including his thoughts on RCH's work, both past and recent. Mac tells us about his entrance into the Mars anomaly community and the reaction, from them, to his work. Mac discusses his concept of "Face on Mars", along with other esoteric staples, as memes. We briefly touch on the possibilities of Moon anomalies.

Wrapping up the Mars discussion, we find out where things may be headed as far as NASA's work on Mars and if that may lead to a definitive answer on the anomalies. We get Mac's take on what the government would do if "The Face" was proven to be artificial (i.e. "real). He also gives us his thoughts on, if "The Face" is artificial, what kind of people actually made it.

Mac Tonnies is an author/essayist whose futuristic fiction and speculative essays have appeared in many print and online publications. He's the author of Illumined Black, a collection of science fiction short-stories, and After the Martian Apocalypse (Paraview Pocket Books, 2004). Mac maintains "Posthuman Blues," a widely read blog devoted to emerging technologies and paranormal phenomena, and is a member of the Society for Planetary SETI Research. He lives in Kansas City, Missouri, where he writes, reads and surfs the Net. He is currently at work on a new book.

His blog is www.posthumanblues.blogspot.com and his formal website is www.mactonnies.com

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Mac Tonnies

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