Recorded on 1.21.2006, binnall sat down with "Hunt for the Skinwalker" co-author Colm Kelleher to discuss NIDS, the Skinwalker Ranch and the book detailing the scientific work done by NIDS there.

Among the topics discussed include, how and why Kelleher ended up working for NIDS, the NIDS science board that oversaw the study at the Skinwalker Ranch and their reaction to the esoteric nature of the study, where the cattle came from after the Gorman family moved, digging on the Skinwalker Ranch and the odd effects it produced.

What did the general science community think of the NIDS work and what did the esoteric community think of it. The NIDS black triangle study and how that came about. How extensive was Robert Bigelow's presence on the Skinwalker Ranch. In light of all the shadowy rumours about NIDS Ranch and security concerns, why publish a book on it now.

The "less is more" approach to studying the phenomena at Skinwalker Ranch and Colm's thoughts on the best way to go about the research. His reaction to many in the esoteric community who want funding from NIDS. Did the Gorman family read the book, what's next for NIDS and Colm Kelleher and much much more.

This interview comes after Colm had done "the rounds" of esoteric talk shows, so there is a lot of ground as yet uncovered until this interview. A must hear for anyone interested in the book or the NIDS organization in general.

Colm Kelleher is a senior research scientist with a twenty-year career in cell and molecular biology. Following his PhD in biochemistry from the University of Dublin, Trinity College in 1983, Dr. Kelleher worked at Canada's flagship Ontario Cancer Institute, the Terry Fox Laboratory at the British Columbia Cancer Research Center in Vancouver and the National Jewish Center for Immunology and Respiratory Medicine in Denver. More recently, Dr. Kelleher served as Research Director for Bigelow Aerospace in Las Vegas and as administrator for one of its subsidiaries, Space Sciences, Inc.

Dr. Kelleher also acted as team leader and project manager for the National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDS). Currently, Dr. Kelleher is the Director of Labs for a biotechnology firm in San Francisco. He has authored 38 peer reviewed publications in molecular biology, immunology, biochemistry and virology as well as articles in popular magazines such as OMNI.

His websites are and

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Colm Kelleher

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