In this concluding portion, Steve reacts to the ABC UFO Special and gives his thoughts on it's impact on the Disclosure Process. He takes a hard look at the year 2006 and how it the window for disclosure is open when it comes to US politics. We look ahead to the 2008 campaign, Hilary Clinton, and what the '08 election would be like in a post-Disclosure world. He also discusses various other elements of post-Disclosure world, like the need to avoid "witch hunts" against those who sustained UFO secrecy.

We take a veritable world wide tour to determine which countries may have key developments in Disclosure in the future, including South America, Japan, Europe, Australia and a lengthy discussion on why it's "all or nothing" when it comes to China and disclosure.

We wrap up the interview by covering the various "roadblocks" to disclosure, including why it Steve says "it's a process, not a movement", what needs to be done to make it a movement, and if he thinks Disclosure will happen before any formal movement comes about. We talk about how Ufology needs to be more activist oriented, problems with those in esoterica who are resistant to or skeptical of Disclosure, the "Pandora's Box" argument against Disclosure, the argument that the government won't disclose because it can't control the nefarious aspects of the ETs, and 911 and how it affected the Disclosure process.

This is an in-depth and lengthy interview that prepares the listener for a post-Disclosure world and gives insight as to how, where, and why it may happen. A truly fascinating discussion.

Steve Bassett is a political activist, founder of Paradigm Research Group, Executive Director of the Extraterrestrial Phenomena Political Action Committee (X-PPAC, pronounced expack), author of the Paradigm Clock website, and a political columnist, commentator and former Independent candidate for Congress. He is the executive producer of the X-Conference.

Presently he is the only registered lobbyist in the United States representing extraterrestrial related phenomena research/activist organizations, and X-PPAC is the first political action committee to target the political implications of extraterrestrial related phenomena. Between April 19 and November 5 of 2002 he conducted an independent candidacy in the 2002 congressional campaign in the 8th District of Maryland. It was the first instance in which a candidate on the November ballot in a federal election openly addressed the matter of an extraterrestrial presence and the government imposed truth embargo.

Since 1996 Bassett has assisted a number of organizations and initiatives, which have been making the case for 1) an end to the government embargo on the truth surrounding an extraterrestrial presence and 2) open congressional hearings to take the testimony of former military and agency employees witness to extraterrestrial related events and evidence. He has spoken to millions of Americans about the likelihood and implications of a formal disclosure event.

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Steve Bassett

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