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Stanton Friedman
(1 Hour, 39 Minutes)

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In what has become a genuine tradition like no other, we proudly present the 13th annual BoA:Audio Holiday Special featuring the incomparable 'Father of Modern Day Ufology,' Stanton Friedman.

This year's installment may be unlike anything we've done before as the entire first half of the program is dedicated to the massive New York Times piece, from a just a few days prior, which revealed that the Pentagon had a secret UFO program from around 2008 to 2012.

We begin by getting Stan's take, as the proverbial face and voice of UFOs for at least a generation if not two, on the story itself, beginning with his initial reaction. We then move on to trying to put the story into some context as far as what it really means for 'big d' disclosure.

Stan also shares his thoughts on what he expects to come next following the events of last weekend. Binnall then stirs up some shit by reading some Seth Shostak quotes regarding the NYT revelations and why he finds the news "disturbing." This gives Stan the chance to lay the smackdown on Seth for a bit, much to the delight of Binnall and, no doubt, holiday special fans.

This leads to us talking about what it's going to take to keep this story going and keep it in the headlines. We also muse about how the 'real' question of all this isn't 'are UFOs real,' which seems to be what this particular story seemed to be focused on, but rather 'what are UFOs' and the many, many questions which follow that.

We also address the concerns of many in the UFO field that we should be weary of what we're hearing as the story unfolds, since this may very well be an elaborate disinformation move or, at the very least, there are competing agendas at work here with goals beyond simply enlightening humanity about the UFO phenomenon.

Wrapping up our conversation about the Times' piece, we find out how if Stan was involved at all with the Tom DeLonge group or the folks who were behind the Pentagon program. And, lastly, we asked Stan what he thinks about the conspiratorial idea that the positioning of the Pentagon program as a 'threat' suggests something sinister is afoot.

Taking a big pivot from this line of discussion, we bust out the proverbial spiked paranormal egg nog and dive into the annual BoA:Audio 'Listener Questions for Stanton' portion of the program. We begin by finding out what Stan may have pursued if he hadn't been tipped off about the Roswell story back in the day.

Next we get Stan's take on the question of why ETs might visit the Earth as well as the legacy of J. Allen Hynek. Following that, we find out 'what hybrids will do with mankind.' In a question indicative of the power of the holiday special, we then dive down to New Zealand to find out what Stan thinks of that country's Kaikoura lights case.

Our subsequent question involves Stan's thoughts on the murmurs of a 'secret space program' which have exploded in recent years in ufological circles. We have a segue from there where we ask Stan if the UFOs studied by the AATIPS could be secret American craft that is 'too secret' even for the Pentagon.

We then enter a brief 'celebrity' portion of the show as legendary conspiracy writer and former BoA:Audio guest Kenn Thomas asks for Stan's thoughts on rogue scientists' role on early ufology. Next, the wild and woolly William Zabel asks how Stan feels about the interdimensional theory for UFOs and ETs.

Continuing onward, we see if Stan has any thoughts on classic UFO hoax cases. Following that, we find out from Stan his thoughts on if we have the technology to get back to the moon and the theory that ETs warned us from going back to the moon. Along those same lines, we explore the question of why we haven't gone back to the moon if we 'have recovered UFOs.'

Following that, we get a question from another former BoA:Audio guest, Red Pill Junkie, about why ETs would use structured craft rather than via traveling via consciousness. We then ask Stan for the cases that have stuck in his 'grey basket' and stood out as the strangest case he's examined. We also revisit the secret space program via another listener question.

Nearing the end, we ask for Stan's take on the 'electric universe' theory and his favorite space travel movie. And, in an unprecedented moment, we take a live caller with a question for Stan and then wrap things up with one last question from chat room before closing things out for our 13th year while looking forward to special number 14 in 2018.

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