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Marie Jones & Larry Flaxman

(2 Hours, 6 Minutes)

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BoA:Audio explores the theoretical world of time travel with longtime friends of the program Marie Jones and Larry Flaxman, co-authors of This Book is from the Future. In this loose conversation, we'll ponder the nature of time, itself, whether quantum time travel discoveries can be used to develop a system for humans, time travel paradoxes, how space may play a role in time travel, and much, much more. We'll also delve into the duo's new work looking at reality as well as side roads and tangents on ghost hunting, ancient aliens, and politics.

Altogether, it's a highly conversational edition of the program which throws the talking points out the window in favor of a fast paced series of 'what if' time travel musings with the always entertaining Paraexplorers, Marie Jones and Larry Flaxman.

Full Preview: We kick things off by finding out the origins of their new book's title This Book is from the Future as well as what prompted the duo to examine time and time travel. This segues into some talk about the nature of time, itself, and how it is a human construct used for tracking our everyday existence. This leads to some talk about the difficulty in penning a book on the nebulous topic of time and how it led to the pair's next book, which will examine the nature of reality.

We then look at how fictional tales of time travel actually pre-date the scientific interest in the possibility and was what spurned science into examining whether time travel could be accheived. This leads to some talk about how mainstream scientists give time travel more credence and speculation than paranormal staples like UFOs and ghosts. From there, we speculate on whether supernatural abilities exhibited by quantum level particles can be harnessed in larger levels that can be applied to humans.

From there the conversation delves into speculation over whether or not humans are actually purposefully limited in their ability to time travel. This leads to us talking about time travel paradoxes, beginning with the butterfly effect and how simple events have much greater ramifications than we can even imagine. We then examine how mental time travel may be plausible, feasible, and less dangerous than actually physically traveling back in time. We then return to time travel paradoxes and also throw in the issue of multiple timelines.

Next we look at time travel conspiracies and lament how, for the vast majority of them, proof of their veracity is rather flimsy. This leads to some general discussion on the nature of conspiracy theories, in general. From there, the conversation organically rolls into talk about the election and Larry's run-in with a political candidate. Getting back on the track of time anomalies, we talk about the difference between time slips and time shifts, and theorize that perhaps traveling in time may be easier or simpler than scientists think.

Binnall then renders Marie and Larry flummoxed by introducing a new time travel paradox that they had never considered before. We also discuss what would happen if you traveled back in time to before the big bang as well as whether the human race will ever truly unlock the secret to time travel. We also bust out a James Lipton style question and ask the duo if they could travel back in time, where and why would they go. This leads to some talk about the dangers of going back to a different time, where you may end up killed or captured by confused 'natives.'

Wrapping up the time travel discussion, we talk about theory that UFOs are actually time travelers from the future. From there, we talk about the Charlie Chaplin 'time traveler' story that made the rounds a few years ago and how it was an implausible idea that someone in the early 1900's would be using a cell phone.

Getting into some other topics related to Marie and Larry, we get a status update on their film 19 Hz, additional movie projects, and a new book titled The Grid. Talk of their new book segues into reflecting on the nature of reality and how we, as humans, share a collective reality but that reality is also becoming more and more fractured all the time. We also reflect on the surprising popularity of 11:11 and their response to the great sales of the book.

Heading towards the close, we get Marie's take on 2012 coming to an end and the popularity of her book 2013. This segues into some discussion about the emerging popularity of 'ancient aliens' as a genre. We also get an update from Larry on his work with ARPAST, a ghost investigation group out of Arkansas, and he muses about how he is 'over' ghosthunting. Considering that Larry has been appearing at a number of conventions, we find out his take on these unique paranormal gatherings.

Marie Jones Bio

Marie Jones has been involved with the paranormal in one way or another for most of her life, which led to a fascination with quantum physics and the writing of her book, Psience: How New Discoveries in Quantum Physics and New Science May Explain the Existence of Paranormal Phenomena. Marie is also a New Thought/Metaphysics minister and spiritual counselor. She holds a Master's Degree in Metaphysical Studies and has also studied Wicca, goddess traditions, mythology and comparative religion. She worked as a field investigator for MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) in Los Angeles and San Diego in the 1980s and 1990s. She is also the author of 2013: The End of Days or a New Beginning.

Her website is mariedjones.com.

Larry Flaxman Bio

Larry Flaxman is the founder president of the Arkansas Paranormal and Anomalous Studies Team. He has been actively involved in paranormal research and investigation for over ten years, and melds his technical, scientific, and investigative backgrounds together for no-nonsense, scientifically objective explanations regarding a variety of anomalous phenomena. He has appeared in numerous newspaper, magazine, radio, and television interviews, and has authored several published articles regarding science and the paranormal. Larry also serves as technical advisor to several paranormal investigation groups throughout the country.

His website is arpast.org.

Collectively they are the authors of 11:11 the Time Prompt Phenomenon, The Resonance Key, This Book is From the Future, The Deja Vu Enigma, The Trinity Secret, and their website is paraexplorers.com.

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