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Tracy Twyman

(1 Hours, 53 Minutes)

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Prolific esoteric researcher and writer Tracy Twyman returns to BoA:Audio for a LIVE edition of the program where we discuss her remarkable research into the mysterious deity known as Baphomet and how it connects to the Knights Templar, alchemy, and Tracy's own Ouija Board work. We also spend the second half of the program discussing the current state of the economy, what Bitcoin is all about, and the weirdness of the British royal family.

An, at times, jaw-dropping edition of the program that explores the arcane side of a number of esoteric topics familiar to ardent BoA:Audio listeners.

Highlights: We find out what Tracy's been up to since her last appearance on BoA:Audio. This leads to us talking about Tracy's latest project, which is an upcoming book on Baphomet as well as a cruise event known as The Mysteries of Baphomet Cruise from April 12th to the 19th. Tracy details the history of Baphomet as a meme and how it can be traced back to the Knights Templar and their downfall. Tracy talks about how the Knights Templar claimed not only be worshipping a deity named Baphomet but that this entity also taught them the secrets of banking.

This leads to some talk about how Baphomet symbology is becoming increasingly popular in pop music and hip hop videos as well as Internet conspiracy theories that musicians are a part of an Illuminati cabal. Tracy provides her take on whether these stars are actually in league with the Illuminati or if it is all a marketing plan. She also talks about the surprising rise in interest surrounding Baphomet in recent years. Tracy then takes us back to the first emergence of Baphomet in written literature by esoteric writers and how it evolved and changed over the years. She details the work of Eliphas Levi and how Baphomet has been depicted a fusion of opposing forces.

Tracy goes meta on Baphomet and talks about how elements of the meme can be found in Kabbalic traditions surrounding the Garden of Eden and how it all may connect to sex magic. Tracy also shares the story of Bérenger Saunière of Renne le Chateau fame and the weirdness surrounding his late rites. Next we learn about Tracy's own, personal connection with Baphomet and she shares the absolutely stunning story of how she has had extensive communication via a Ouija Board with an entity claiming to Baphomet. Tracy tells about the wealth of amazing information that was imparted to her via this Ouija Board entity as well as how she developed a friendship with the 'force' which was communicating to her.

Staying within the discussion on Tracy's personal connection to Baphomet, she tells us about how she can spot whether or not people have a 'true' connection to the other side and we learn if she experienced any poltergeist-like activity as a result of working with the Ouija. Wrapping up the Baphomet discussion, we spend some more time talking about Tracy's upcoming cruise and learn how folks can take part as well as where Tracy came up with the idea to do a cruise.

We then change subjects completely and get Tracy's take on the current state of the economy and whether it is improving or not. This leads to some talk about whether there is a plan to save the global economy or if a collapse is ultimately inevitable. We also reflect on how there appears to be a 'new normal' for America which sees the country slowly but drastically lowering the economic expectations for the average citizen. We also reflect on the economic collapse, coupled with the natural disasters facing the world, and ponder whether or not the 1% know something sinister will befall the human race soon in the future.

Nearing the end of the conversation, we have Tracy tell us about Bitcoin and whether it is legitimate or a scam. We also talk about what Bitcoin may mean for the global economy, what it is currently being used for, and whether or not it is a harbinger of things to come. Tackling another avenue of discussion, we find out what Tracy thinks of the royal marriage as well as the birth of Prince George and what it might mean for the future of the royal family. This leads to some talk about the Queen of England and some of her nefarious deeds.

Wrapping up the program, we circle back to Tracy's communications with Baphomet and find out if she was ever told any predictions about the future and how those predictions panned out. And, closing out the show, we take a moment to remember Tracy's longtime friend and former BoA:Audio guest William H. Kennedy, who passed away a few months ago.

Tracy Twyman Bio

Tracy Twyman has been writing about alternative history and the occult for 14 years. She is the author of The Merovingian Mythos, Solomon's Treasure, and Mind Control Sex Slaves and the CIA. She is also the former Editor of Dagobert's Revenge Magazine, a journal of esoteric history that was published from 1996 to 2003. In 2006, her website made national news when it was banned by the Supreme Court of Pakistan on charges of blasphemy.

Her website is quintessentialpublications.com.

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