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Mack Maloney

(2 Hours, 6 Minutes)

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BoA:Audio welcomes prolific military fiction author Mack Maloney for a discussion on his new non-fiction work UFOs in Wartime. During this free-flowing conversation, we'll cover a number of cases and trends surrounding UFO sightings by soldiers during times of hot and cold conflicts. The Foo Fighters, Scandinavian 'Ghost Rockets' and 'Scareships,' the Battle of L.A., the 1950 D.C. Flyovers, Vietnam UFO reports, and Gulf War UFO rumors are just some of the areas covered in this wide-ranging conversation. We'll also examine some of the bigger picture issues surrounding UFOs, such as their potential origins and motivations.

It's a candid conversation with a richly talented writer, Mack Maloney, who has recently turned his gaze towards the UFO phenomenon and uncovered a startling, unnerving, and persistent mystery lurking in its midst.

Full Preview: We kick things by getting the bio / background on Mack Maloney and find out how his prolific career as a writer led him to looking at the UFO phenomenon. We find out what sources and ufologists Mack talked to as he did his research into the book. We also hear about his brother's amazing UFO sighting and the troubling way that the government handled his report. This leads to some discussion on how getting soldiers to reveal their UFO encounters if fraught with difficulties.

Mack then talks about one of the central questions that drives the book and his research, which is whether the military really knows what is going on with UFOs. We also turn this question around on Mack and have him speculate on what the answer is. Leading to some more 'big picture' issues surrounding the UFO phenomenon, we get Mack's surprising support for one of the more fringe theories behind the UFO phenomenon.

Next we dive in to the ideas found in UFOs in Wartime and ponder why the enigma seems to have such an interest in humans in conflict as well as why those behind the UFOs don't intervene in these battles. He provides his perspective on the paradox of why UFOs are so blatant yet mysterious. Looking at one historical tale mentioned in the book, we have Mack detail the theory that UFOs were somehow related to the outbreak of the plague in Europe.

We talk about the 'scareship' wave in 1909 Scandinavia and Mack details this lesser known UFO flap and talks about some of the more enigmatic aspects of the wave, including a tale of odd metal debris being found and the mysterious men who appeared to be trying to confiscate it. Based on Mack's research, we get his opinion on the 'changing face' of UFOs and if there has been an evolution in the shapes and descriptions of wartime UFOs. This segues into some reflection on how UFOs always seem to be only a generation or two ahead of human technological abilities. Mack fleshes out this idea by comparing the Scandinavian 'scareships' with cruise missiles that were developed in later generations.

Given that Sweden and Scandinavia had two distinct major UFO waves in the early 1900's, we ruminate on why that part of the world would draw such UFO interest in that time. This leads to some discussion on how no one (or nation) ever came forward to claim responsibility for the Scandinavian waves nor the foo fighters of WWII. Staying within the realm of the foo fighters, Mack details why it was impossible for the phenomena to be German 'wonder weapons.'

Pulling the camera further back, we talk about how the UFO line of 'ours v. theirs' has been tremendously blurred in the modern age. Next, we find out why Mack contends, in the book, that Roswell probably was not the case of a crashed flying saucer. The conversation then heads into the world of UFO-nuke encounters and Mack details some instances where the phenomena appeared to have significant interest in America's nuclear capabilities.

Looking at the classic 'UFO on the White House lawn' scenario, we talk about how paradoxical that concept is, considering the 'Battle of LA' had half a million witnesses, and Mack talks about why that event did not have the 'disclosure' impact it theoretically should have had. Going along, chronologically, we examine how UFOs flew over Washington D.C. in 1950 and were rebuffed by fighter jets, which calls into question the whole 'White House lawn' scenario.

Our conversation then turns towards if and when the UFO enigma will be solved and Mack speculates on the answer to that question. Going back to the 'foo fighters,' we talk about the 415 Squadron, which coined the name 'foo fighter' and had a significant number of sightings, had a pair of mysterious human visitors who did a study on the phenomenon and then promptly disappeared. Looking at a UFO event from another war, Mack shares the story of a US hit squad which had a dramatic UFO encounter and then an even more bizarre interrogation by their superiors.

Taking our chronology up to more modern times, Mack shares some of the rumors he has heard regarding UFOs and the first Gulf War, including tales that Saddam Hussein got his hands on a craft or possibly even its ET pilots. This brings us around to the hypothetical idea that knowledge of ETs/UFOs would constitute 'weapons of mass intelligence,' yet they are never used by sinister governments hoping to cause world upheaval. We then go back to the idea of UFOs harming humans and how it seems, as far as reports are concerned, such incidents are more incidental and accidental than intentional.

Jumping around to some of the more bizarre tales and aspects found in UFOs in Wartime, we look at how, during the 1950 D.C. Flyover, one pilot could see the UFO while the other could not. We also discuss how UFOs seem to be able to react to individual people on the ground who can see it. Looking at Ufology as a whole, we reflect on how much of the era discussed in UFOs in Wartime was relatively quaint compared to the wilder world of UFO research in modern times.

Heading towards the close, we examine what it would take for the UFO puzzle to be unlocked by humans, starting with the public relations stumbling block involved in getting an endorsement for further UFO research by the scientific community. We talk about what areas seem to be poised to be the first to breakthrough on the UFO puzzle. Given the many fans of Mack's fiction books, we find out what they have thought about his foray in UFO writing. We also reflect on how there is a lag time in on-the-record UFO reports from soldiers who are either in the service or just out of service.

Closing out our conversation, we find out about how Mack's brother once worked at Area 51 and he shares some details on his brother's job there. We also find out what's next for Mack Maloney and if he'll continue his foray into the world of Ufology.

Mack Maloney Bio

Mack Maloney grew up in the Dorchester section of Boston and was taught to read and write by the nuns at St. Ann's School. His father was a veteran of World War II and he used to read military books all the time. As a child, Mack started reading them too, along with a lot of science fiction. He received a BS in journalism and a graduate degree in filmmaking from Emerson College. He was a sports reporter for two years after college before joining corporate America as a publicist for General Electric Company. Mack started writing books in 1984, and have been doing it full time since 1987, penning over 30 books.

His website is mackmaloney.com

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