We ease into our conversation by first talking about the genesis of Joshua's L.E.M.U.R. organization which dates back to the mid-1990's, well before the "paranormal group" boom of the last decade. He reflects on how the creation of the group was primarily based on necessity and actually generated quite a bit of controversy in his native North Carolina. We then move on to find out how Joshua first got interested in esoterica and he shares a truly amazing story of how his grandmother's brother literally vanished, out of nowhere, during the Great Depression. He also talks about his remarkably young start as a writer and how it led to his present career as one of the most prolific researchers in esoterica.

We move on to discuss Joshua's latest book: The Secret Wisdom of the Kulkulkan and he gives us a thumbnail look at what it covers. The thumbnail culminates with Joshua giving us his take on what he thinks the whole 2012 phenomenon is all about. This leads to some discussion on the commonalities between various esoteric phenomena and how there appears to be some kind of unified field theory of the paranormal that we are very close to figuring out. This turns into a discussion on how there does appear to be more blending of esoteric genres in the last few years and that perhaps the old method of specialization is beginning to subside.

Our conversation then turns towards Joshua's research into "pet ghosts," or what he likes to call "phantimals." Joshua explains why he began using the term "phantimals" and talks a little bit about some of the strange animal elements explored in his book Pet Ghosts, such as the apparent ability of some creatures to sense impending death. This segues into Joshua talking about the need for more studies of animals with regards to paranormal abilities, such as psychic skills. This leads to some speculation about whether or not such testing has been done in underground, "black" departments.

Smashing the 4th wall, we get Joshua's opinion on the ghost hunting boom, especially since he formed L.E.M.U.R. way back in 1995. He shares an amazing first-hand story of just how scripted some of these basic cable "reality" documentaries are. This segues into us talking about the cumulative effect of these ghost shows and how they are shaping the public perception of not just the field but also who is the "face" of the field.

This leads to us discussion one of Joshua's more recent ventures: the Hoax Research Center, an investigation into hoaxes including how and why they are perpetrated. Joshua explains why it is important to study hoaxes and how, ironically, this research is somewhat controversial in some paranormal circles. He also talks about the Speaking of Strange UFO Experience, which is an event where artists and engineers try to create their best UFO hoaxes. He also shares a weird story about how the video of one of the UFO Experience hoaxes was turned into a real hoax by someone claiming it happened over Ireland. We also find out about Joshua's presentation at the UFO Congress this past February, which is outside his normal realm of ghost research. Joshua also shares his take on the much-debated ETH theory behind UFOs and also why it seems like the best scientists aren't working on solving paranormal mysteries. We also find out what the reaction from the UFO community was to Joshua's hoax research.

Up next we dive into Joshua's numerous investigations into the various elements of high strangeness found in Puerto Rico. He talks about how the true Chupacabra, which originated in Puerto Rico, has very unique attributes that do not apply to the more popularized recent American "chupacabras." He also shares a very cool Chupacabra story that he was told during his travels to the island. This brings us back to a discussion on "phantimals" and how they may just be "normal" animals that possess "supernatural" abilities (ala the lizard that can re-grow its limbs). We get Joshua's opinion on why it seems like Puerto Rico is such a "window zone" for all sorts of different paranormal phenomena.

We move on to discuss Joshua's groundbreaking film Inside the Church of Satan and he explains why he was interested in investigating the Church in the first place. He then shares an amazing story of his trip to Europe for a clandestine visit to a prominent Satanic church. We also find out how "true" to their Satanic lifestyle these people are as well as how they can maintain their religious beliefs.

Taking things to an even more bizarre level, we find out about the Popobawa, also known as "the demon serial rapist of Zanzibar," a truly terrifying creature said to roam Tanzania. Joshua details not only the description of the Popobawa but also it's bizarre actions that defy imagination. He also speculates on what may be the source of the Popobawa.

Heading towards the close, we discuss the L.E.M.U.R. Laboratory, a groundbreaking institution that Joshua has recently opened. He also talks about the latest remarkable experiment that the lab has been engaging. Wrapping things up we find out what's next for Joshua Warren in 2010 and beyond.

Joshua P. Warren travels the world investigating paranormal phenomena. He is the author of 10 books, including Simon and Schuster's How to Hunt Ghosts, has appeared on the History Channel, Discovery, Travel, TLC, Sci-Fi, and Fine Living, and hosts Speaking of Strange, a weekend radio show on the weird and mysterious. He is also an award-winning filmmaker, having produced and directed controversial films like Inside the Church of Satan. The Founder and President of L.E.M.U.R., he resides in Asheville, North Carolina. His team made the cover of a science journal in 2004 for their work on the Brown Mountain Lights and other rare, ghostly plasmas in nature.

His website is www.joshuapwarren.com

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Joshua P. Warren