We kick things off with the standard bio / background on Walter Bosley, finding out how he got interested in esoterica and, more specifically, ley lines and Earth energies. He talks about some of the connections associated with paranormal activity and ley lines. Walter goes on to talk a little bit about the history and origins of the ley line concept and how there are different types of ley lines, not just the classic "grid" system which many associate with the concept. This leads to some discussion on the infamous 33 degree lattitude "zone" which seems to attract strange esoteric events.

We then find out what made Walter even consider examining the ley line / Disneyland connection. Going briefly off-course, we ponder the fate of the World's Fair and why that once-legendary event no longer exists. This leads to some discussion on the seminal 1893 World's Fair in Chicago which saw Tesla unveil many of his great inventions and served as the inspiration for Walt Disney, who heard about the event from his father.

Taking the conversation back to Disneyland, we discuss some of the odd ghostly phenomena reported there as well as the strange deaths that have happened at the theme park. We also talk about the infamous underground city at Disneyland. This segues into us finding out if Walter has heard anything about his Disneyland theories from the Disney corporation.

Up next, we talk about the creation of Disneyland and start with the stunning revelation that the master engineer of Disneyland, now essentially scrubbed from the "official" history of the park, was one C.V. Wood, formerly of Stanford Research Institute (SRI). Walter puts forth his theory that if anyone would know about these energy lines circumventing the Earth, it would be SRI and, in turn, C.V. Wood, who "ironically" chose the specific spot for Disneyland in California. We find out about the falling out between C.V. Wood and Walt Disney as well as how much about the ley line energy theory.

The conversation then turns towards the main thesis of Latitude 33: Key to the Kingdom: that not only does Disneyland sit on top of the intersection of these ley lines but that the carousel in Fantasyland was placed directly on top of that intersection in order to disperse this unique energy throughout the park. We find out about how Disney moved the carousel in 1982 (effectively disengaging the device), what the "official" reason behind this move was, and if Walter thinks the move was intentionally done to stop harnessing the power of carousel on the ley line intersection. Walter also reveals what is now standing over the intersection of these ley lines as well as some interesting other tidbits of landscape around this ley line intersection.

We then ponder if there are any esoteric connections to be found in Disney World. This segues into some discussion on how, after moving the carousel, the status and upkeep of Disneyland has fallen greatly while the perception and promotion of Disney World has grown tremendously. Walter then discusses the post-Disney career of C.V. Wood and how he tried to duplicate the esoteric success of Disneyland in other places and seems to have succeeded in one location.

Having wrapped up our discussion on Latitude 33, we then find out what else Walter has uncovered since he wrote the book two years ago. He talks the intricate maps he has which detail the energy lines throughout America and discusses his research into some of the energy lines that pass through California and how it led to some big things that will be revealed in his next book. Walter also shares some other locations in America that have these crossing ley lines beneath it. He also teases a revelation, to be discussed in his next book, of a ley line going from New York through Philadelphia and into Norfolk, Virginia, which may have something to do with the Philadelphia Experiment. Walter also talks about what to look for if one goes to these intersection points.

Leaving ley lines behind, we then discuss some other areas of esoterica that interest Walter (hat tip to Greg Bishop who suggested these topics), beginning with underground civilizations and Hollow Earth theory. This leads to Walter talking about the revelations told to him by his father concerning Roswell, that the "ETs" that crashed were actually from a civilization that co-exists with us on Earth, but lives beneath the surface. We find out more about Walter's father and how he knew this information about Roswell. Walter also recounts his father's remarkable story of being taken to Wright Patterson AFB in the early 1950's to assist in retreiving a "lost occupant" of a UFO crash.

We also discuss Walter's career in counterintelligence with the FBI as well as the Air Force Office of Special investigations (AFOSI). He talks about what he was told by the AFOSI regarding the infamous Rick Doty and how Walter's job was different from the perception many people may have of the AFOSI due to Doty's story. We also find out if Walter ever investigated the UFO community in an attempt to find out if there were spies working within the community to glean information about secret US projects. We also find out if Walter has ever been to Area 51.

Heading towards the close, we find out about Walter's past work doing security around the world. We find out what's next for Walter Bosley, including two more books on the subject of these energy lines as well as a novel inspired by his research. He also previews the upcoming trilogy from Sesh Hari, to be published by Walter's publishing company, due out next Summer.

Walter Bosley is a former AFOSI Special Agent and FBI counterintelligence specialist who now works as a private investigator and counterespionage consultant. In 2002, Bosley founded the Lost Continent Library, publisher of the Wonder of the Worlds trilogy. Bosley's book Latitude 33:Key to the Kingdom is sold exlusively at kevinsmithshow.com

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