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Jeff Ritzmann

(2 Hours, 2 Minutes)

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In another LIVE installment of BoA:Audio, Season 8, we welcome UFO photo analyst, esoteric experiencer, and host of Paranormal Waypoint on KGRA Radio, Jeff Ritzmann, for an unfiltered and agenda-free jam session covering the wild world of the paranormal and the even stranger folks who study it.

This is a truly thought-provoking and highly enjoyable conversation which throws the playbook out the window and, thus, leads us into discussing some wholly unexpected and fascinating facets of various paranormal phenomena.

Highlights: We kick things off with the standard bio / background on Jeff Ritzmann and find out how he ended up being drawn to the paranormal, specifically the UFO phenomenon. This leads to some talk about the need to balance real life with interest in the paranormal as well as the difficulty in making a career out of studying UFOs or the paranormal in general.

Circling back to Jeff's 'origin story,' we talk about the very early days of the paranormal on the Internet and he recalls his time as moderator for AOL paranormal chats. Jeff tells us about the experiencers group he formed in the early days of AOL and some of the strange things that happened during that time. This segues into general talk about potential government surveillance of the UFO research community in the early days of the Internet.

We then spend time looking at UFO photos and ponder how the public perception of photos as easily malleable and faked has had a deleterious effect on even the most credible and incredible UFO photo. Jeff also tells us what separates a good UFO photo from a bad UFO photo, which leads to some talk about the Gulf Breeze photographs, the Battle of LA photos, and the limitations in studying old photographs from decades ago.

Continuing the examination of UFO photographs, Jeff tells us about the amazing UFO photo from Crete and what makes it particularly compelling. Answering a question from the chatroom, we discuss whether or not hoaxing UFO photos or sightings should be illegal and if that is even logistically possible. In light of his expertise, we find out if Jeff has ever examined Bigfoot photos and we also learn about his interest in ghost photos.

Heading towards the close, we discuss how UFOs don't seem to make the 'waves' that they used to and we get Jeff's take on Travis Walton's suggestion that UFOs know humans have cell phone cameras and have adapted to that fact. This leads to some talk about how artificial intelligence may be the first to unlock paranormal mysteries and if humans, themselves, are even capable of discerning the 'truth' of the paranormal.

Closing out the program, we talk about Ancient Aliens, the TV show and the theory. We also discuss the guitar which Jeff designed that became a viral sensation in both the music and steampunk community. Wrapping up the conversation, we find out about the long-awaited Paratopia Project Core and Jeff's podcast Paranormal Waypoint.

Jeff Rizmann Bio

Jeff Ritzmann has been actively involved in UFO research for just over 20 years. He refers to his involvement as a personal one, after several odd events in his life from age 5 on prompted him to explore the field of UFO research. In an effort to learn more he’s applied his work as a digital imaging professional to the ever growing pile of UFO photos and video and has become a recognized image analyst in the UFO field working on visual data.

He was the primary image analyst in the O’Hare UFO case, and is cited in the NARCAP report of the event for his work. Jeff has also worked on landing trace cases, and “experiencer” support investigations. He was the official chat host on AOL for “Sightings” in the early days of the internet, and he founded the first experiencer support group (AES) on the internet through AOL’s “Parascope”, where he was the UFO related chat host after Sightings closed it’s operations on the service. Jeff has also provided footage and information on cases to the History channel and the Gulf Breeze UFO Conference.

Working with abovetopsecret.com, the internet’s largest alternative topics message board community, Jeff has done examinations on multiple UFO cases as their image analyst. His experiences with the UFO phenomena continue to present day.

Presently, Jeff hosts the podcast Paranormal Waypoint on the KGRA Radio Network.

Next Episode:

LIVE ... 11/26/13 at 9 PM (et)

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