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Frank Feschino

(2 Hours, 3 Minutes)

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In a LIVE edition of BoA:Audio, UFO researcher Frank Feschino makes his long-overdue first appearance on the program to discuss his meticulous and remarkable research into both the Flatwoods 'Monster' Case as well as his groundbreaking book Shoot Them Down, which details the 1952 UFO wave that spawned an official military order to 'take down' the mysterious craft invading American airspace.

This is an episode which stretched the very limits of our live format and is absolutely jam packed with a wealth of fascinating insights into an amazing time in UFO history.

Highlights: We get the standard bio / background on Frank Feschino and learn about how he got interested in UFOs. This leads to a side road discussion about his early work investigating crop circles in West Virginia as well as the considerable amount of UFO activity reported in the area.

From there, we dive in to the Flatwoods Monster case and Frank tells us about his early troubles earning the trust of locals who had been ridiculed for decades about the case. Next, Frank provides a breathtakingly detailed account of the Flatwoods Monster incident, painting a picture for the listener of how it all unfolded that evening.

Over the course of that discussion, we learn why the infamous original drawing of the Flatwoods Monster is highly inaccurate and how this led to great misconceptions about what was seen by the witnesses that night. Frank also details how the Flatwoods incident connects to the 1952 spate of US Air Force planes engaging UFOs that were flying all over American skies that Summer.

In the final half hour or so, we're joined by Alfred Lehmberg, who has investigated the Flatwoods case on-site with Frank for Monsterquest and done considerable research into the UFO phenomenon. Alfred reflects on the foolishness of skeptics trying to debunk the Flatwoods case as well as Frank's tremendous work using Project Blue Book to decipher UFO activity of that era.

Altogteher, it was a blisteringly fast episode and a rare instance where the two hour live window actually left us with not enough time to talk, since we only scratched the surface of Frank Feschino's stunning and exhaustive research. Until we can get him back on the program again, you can check out additional material from him via this YouTube presentation.

Frank Feschino Bio

In the early 1990's, Frank Feschino became involved in UFO and Crop Circle research in West Virginia. He frequently visited a relative's farm located in Braxton County, where Crop Circles appeared overnight and UFO sightings were frequent. This is when Feschino learned about the 1952 "Braxton County Monster" Incident, which occurred in Flatwoods, near his cousin's farm. Frank has interviewed a host of people on video in the more than 10 years he has been working on the case.

He is the author of The Braxton County Monster and Shoot Them Down! - The Flying Saucer Air Wars Of 1952

His website is flatwoodsmonster.com

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