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Jeff Mudgett

(1 Hour, 32 Minutes)

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BoA:Audio welcomes author Jeff Mudgett for a discussion on his great, great grandfather, Herman Webster Mudgett, who is more infamously known in the annals of crime history as H.H. Holmes, the notorious serial killer who took the lives of countless victims in the late 1800's and horrified America with his twisted murders. Additionally, he details his remarkable book Bloodstains, which adds a whole new dimension to the already unsettling story of H.H. Holmes. Over the course of the conversation, we cover Holmes' penchant for acquiring assistants for his misdeed as well as a variety of mistresses, his notorious Chicago 'murder castle,' and Jeff's theory that Holmes played a role in the Jack the Ripper killings.

A creepy and compelling edition of the program which attempts to take listeners into the mind of one of history's most notorious serial killers as Jeff Mudgett discusses H.H. Holmes.

Highlights: We kick things off with some bio / background on Jeff Mudgett and find out what his life was like before he discovered his connection to H.H. Holmes. We then learn about Jeff's grandfather revealing that his grandfather had been H.H. Holmes and how that effected Jeff's life thereafter. We then have Jeff provide a thumbnail look at the story of H.H. Holmes, specifically his ultra creepy castle which was built in Chicago with the purpose of being an ideal murder location.

Considering that Holmes' real name was Herman Webster Mudgett, we have Jeff enlighten us as to how he acquired the name H.H. Holmes and why that one stuck. Following that, we delve into the Chicago World's Fair, which as the unknowing feeding system for Holmes to acquire his victims. We have Jeff provide his thoughts on how Holmes ended up procuring a number of assistants as well as wives throughout his reign of terror. We also briefly discuss Holmes' capture and the bizarre saga that led to his arrest.

We then return to Holmes' murder castle and find out about the strange status of the building following Holmes' execution. To that end, Jeff shares his own personal experience visiting the location of the Holmes' murder castle as well as what people at the location felt about the building. Following that, we learn about the strange twist in the tale where Holmes was paid an enormous amount of money, while awaiting execution, to "tell his story" to the media.

This leads to us talking about how Bloodstains advances the theory that Holmes faked his death and Jeff details some of the eerie elements behind the killer's death and how it may suggest that he did, indeed, escape justice. Jeff then reveals what it will take to produce unequivocal proof of his Holmes Death Hoax theory and how close he is to getting that confirmation. Jeff then details how there is a Leonardo DiCaprio film surrounding Holmes' reign of terror in Chicago.

We then raise the possibility that Holmes was part of a larger conspiracy involving secret societies and the Freemasons. Revisiting Holmes' murders, we discuss what might have been his modus operandi behind the killing spree and the challenges of trying to decipher it. Additionally, we talk about how Holmes' Chicago murders were barely, if at all, investigated by the police there and how his actions were seemingly swept under the rug.

From there, we get into Jeff's theory that H.H. Holmes was involved in the Jack the Ripper murders and he explains how some of the details of the crime appear to strengthen his case. Jeff also talks about the handwriting analysis of the Ripper letter versus Holmes' handwriting. Looking at the Ripper mystery as a whole, we ponder if the case could ever be conclusively proven in 2015 or beyond. Jeff also makes the bold speculation that remnants of Jack the Ripper crimes could be found at the remnants of the Holmes' murder castle.

Next we finally dig into Bloodstains and begin by trying to decipher how much of the book is actually true. We dig into the tough question of the reality of these alleged Holmes diaries that Jeff claims he was willed by his grandfather. Additionally, Jeff talks about the importance of proving that Holmes faked his death. We also get clarification on how Jeff believes he needs $100,000 to ultimately determine who is buried in Holmes' grave.

Nearing the end of our conversation, Jeff muses about the alleged gravesite of H.H. Holmes and how it is such a creepy location. We then get deep on H.H. Holmes and ponder what caused him to be so evil. Revisiting Bloodstains, we talk about how Jeff's experience may have been caused by an illness rather than reality. Closing out the show, we learn how far along Jeff is in his plans to exhume Holmes as well as if he is concerned that the Holmes movie might not be a hit. Wrapping things up, we find out what's next for Jeff Mudgett.

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