This week's installment of BoA : Audio, is Part 2 of a lengthy interview conducted with Peter Robbins, co-author of "Left at East Gate", on September 5th, 2005. A plethora of ground is covered in this mammoth broadcast and it is a must-hear for any researcher interested in the Rendelsham Forest story and Ufology as a whole.

In this week's installment, we cover Larry Warren's reaction to everyday skeptics, the details of Peter and Larry's UFO encounter on their first trip to Rendelsham to research for the book and Peter's thoughts on including the encounter in the book. From there, we cover their struggles to finish writing the book, the alternate book "Confidential" that Peter produced to protect himself, and what got the writing of the book back on track. We also discuss Peter's interraction with Colonel Holt, one of the key players in the Bentwaters case and Peter's stance on witnesses coming forward after having a UFO experience in the military.

Also, did Peter receive any harassment from the government while writing the book, including a bizarre story from one of his trips to England. The NSA's role in the story and Peter's reaction to researching them. The nuclear weapons element to the Rendlesham story and how it ended up getting into the public domain. Reflections on the reactions to the book and the past 8 years since publication of "Left at East Gate". Problems with the book's original publisher and whether the book may have been "buried". Details on the new edition of "Left at East Gate", coming in December, and plans for the 25 anniversary of the Rendelsham Forest incident. And, finally, Peter's relationship with Larry since publishing the book.

Following all that we have a lighthearted discussion on women in Ufology, a lengthy discussion on Japanese Ufology and Peter's trip to Japan to present at a conference there, Japanese Ufology v. American Ufology, Chinese Ufology and the evolution of Ufology on the Internet and Peter's development of

Peter Robbins has been involved in UFO studies for more than twenty-five years, as a researcher, investigator, writer, lecturer, activist and author. He is a board member of Budd Hopkins' Intruders Foundation (which researches the alien abduction phenomenon), and is co-author of the British best-seller, Left at East Gate: A First-Hand Account of the Bentwaters-Woodbridge UFO Incident, Its Cover-Up and Investigation*. Peter is a current contributor to Phenomena Magazine, UFO Magazine, UFO Report Japan, FATE magazine,,, among other publications and websites.

Robbins has lectured extensively both in the States and abroad, including dozens of talks throughout the United Kingdom. Venues have included local, national and international conferences as well as presentations for organizations, seminars, private groups, public, private and secondary schools, universities, libraries, scientific organizations, educational foundations and Cambridge Hospital in Boston under the sponsorship of the late Pulitzer Prize winner Dr. John Mack. Robbins’ lecture topics have included but not been limited to the United Kingdom’s RAF Bentwaters-Woodbridge UFO incident; the suppression of UFO information by the American and British Governments; James Vincent Forrestal, first Secretary of Defense and early casualty of UFO secrecy; the emergence of the national security state; Dr. Wilhelm Reich and UFOs; the UFO abduction phenomenon; the crop circle phenomenon, and the media and UFOs.

Peter also served as Art Director and investigator for the New York City-based Scientific Bureau of Investigation (SBI), a national police and civilian UFO research organization and as Editorial Assistant on [requested] "Blue Memorandum" for Parliament's House of Lords Debate on UFOs, January 1980; Research Assistant on United Nations Secretary General's Report "for the establishment of a UN-UFO Department." Peter is a native New Yorker and can be reached by email via

* An updated and expanded edition of Left At East Gate is scheduled for republication by Cosimo Press, New York, this December. StatCounter - Free Web Tracker and Counter

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