We begin by finding out a little bit about Danny Hennigar and how he became interested and involved in the Oak Island Mystery. Digging into the Oak Island story, we start at the beginning, in 1795, and bring newcomers up to speed on how the Money Pit was originally discovered. We go over a number of the prevalent theories as to what is contained at the bottom of the Money Pit, ranging from ridiculous to serious.

We then discuss what made Oak Island stand out amongst the 300 other islands in Mahone Bay and why it may have been chosen for a hidden treasure. Danny explains how the ownership of the Island has changed over the years, from the original method of land distribution to present times when there are exclusive owners of the island. We talk about some of the rivalries on Oak Island amongst the treasure hunters.

From there, we discuss how the evolution of the Oak Island story, from localized lore in Eastern Canada to international phenomenon. We go over some of the key stumbling blocks that have stymied treasure hunters from getting to the bottom of the Money Pit, including the infamous water shaft that has thwarted treasure hunters for generations.

Next we discuss one of the most famous stories of Oak Island, the tragic death of Robert Restall and three others while searching for the treasure. This leads to a discussion on the old legend of Oak Island that states "Seven people must die and all Oak Trees removed before the treasure will be revealed". Danny tells us about some of the other digging expeditions that have gone on at Oak Island, most notably Borehole 10x, which has a rich history all its own. Danny details the infamous incident where treasure hunters sent cameras into Borehole 10x and came back with some startling images.

Looking at another mystery on Oak Island, Danny tells us about "Nolan's Cross", a massive cross of boulders that overlays the island. From there, Danny shares some of the paranormal stories from Oak Island that get lost in the shadow of the Money Pit mystery.

Danny explains how the creation of the Oak Island Tourism Society came about and the long term goals of the OITS. We talk about the evolution of Oak Island as tourist attraction, Danny shares some stories from the touring years of 1973 to 1995, and why the tour system shut down.

We get the latest news on what is going on at Oak Island, including a lot of info on the recent purchase of the island, the status on the treasure hunt resurrection, and where thing seem to be headed in the near and future. We discuss the big buzz of the most recent Explore Oak Island Days, "ground freeze technique" as means to hunt the treasure, and what some of the latest theories are on what is best to obtain the treasure.

Wrapping it up, Danny tells us about his book "The Oak Island Code", a parody about the Oak Island Mystery, we speculate on whether tours will continue at Oak Island once the treasure hunt resumes and Danny's teases some info on next year's Explore Oak Island Days.

Amateur historian Danny Hennigar is a life long student of the 212 year old Oak Island mystery and has spent considerable time researching the documented history, theories, excavations, personalities and tragedies that have made Oak Island so famous. Danny has written many articles about Oak Island for magazines and newspapers and has appeared on TV, film and radio broadcasts in both Canada and the US. He is currently an executive member of the Oak Island Tourism Society and the co-author of the book "The Oak Island Code". He was a tour guide on Oak Island in the past, when public tours were conducted seven days a week, and continues to serve in this capacity during the annual "Explore Oak Island Days" festival, the one weekend per year when the island is open to the public.

His website is Oak Island Tourism Society

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1 Hr 13 Min.
Danny Hennigar