Part 1 of this lengthy interview hit on a plethora of topics, including the "Charlie Red Star" UFO flap that was Grant's first exposure to the UFO phenomenon. An in-depth discussion of Wilbur Smith, head of the Canadian government's UFO study, covering a ton of ground including Smith's UFO report that went to the Canadian Prime Minister, his inventions that may have been developed with help from ETs, and the amazing story of "AFFA" and Mrs.Swan and Wilbur Smith's role in that affair. Grant also details Wilbur Smith's most famous role in Ufology, the Top Secret Memo document along with the story of the famous Wilbur Smith files and what became of them.

From there, we touch on Canadian Ufology v. American Ufology, the Canadian government's stance on UFOs, including discussion on Paul Hellyer, former Minister of Defense who recently came out in favor of Disclosure. Grant discusses the upcoming release of the Bill Clinton files and his game plan for getting UFO documents from the files. Following that, he reveals a stunning recent story regarding Bill Clinton alluding to a shadow government controlling the UFO secret and how the UFO community completely missed this story last month. What Grant thinks the government knows about the UFO secret.

Other topics discussed in Part 1 : At what point did the UFO secret get out of the hands of the President, which leads to discussion on the government's "covert disclosure", i.e. slow release of UFO information to the public via leaked documents and footage, including detailed discussion on the Holloman Air Force Base film. The direction this "covert disclosure" is going. The dual goals of "covert disclosure". Some discussion on Bill Moore and how his story applies to the concept of "covert disclosure". How this is going on today. The key to researching documents that circulate in Ufology today.

We start out with the question of Republican v. Democrat and how that plays out in regards to the UFO secret. This leads to discussion of the various presidents of the late 20th Century and what they may have known about UFOs. From here, we have a lengthy discussion on "the briefing question", Grant's method for getting UFO information from government officials and key political candidates. Dick Cheney and Wesley Clark and how they reacted to the briefing question. The difficulty in getting Ufology to ask the briefing question of candidates.

Moving on to the 2008 campaign and setting a strategy for getting answers to the UFO question. Hilary Clinton and how to question her on the UFO subject. Jimmy Carter and his encounter with "the briefing question", including two times Grant tried to ask him and the effort was thwarted. Also, why getting a date of briefing is a key aspect of the question.

We discuss the media and how they are afraid to question the government about UFOs and how this fear extends to Ufology itself. What will need to change in society that will make the UFO secret a mainstream issue. The story of Laura Johnson's hunger strike to get answers to the UFO question and how it reflects poorly on Ufology.

The second half of this week's portion asks if Grant is hopeful for Disclosure and what scenarios he thinks may lead to Disclosure. We also hear the story of Grant's run-in with Homeland Security at the border. What he thinks of it two months later and how it has effectively shut down his trips to America for now. The bright side of the incident and how Ufology reacted to Grant's border adventure.

There's also more on Disclosure and how it may play out and the problems that are keeping it from coming out. binnall asks about 1800's presidents and if Grant has examined any potential UFO incidents from that time. What hinders the research at archives. Grant's call for student papers on UFOs. Details on some awesome and thorough CD ROMs available from Grant's website that deal in all the aspects of his research and future research coming from Grant Cameron.

This is a lengthy interview that covers a ton of ground and Cameron is brutally honest in his thoughts on Ufology and Disclosure. A must hear for anyone who considers themselves a serious student of Ufology.

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Grant Cameron

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