Part 1 of this lengthy interview hit on a plethora of topics, including the "Charlie Red Star" UFO flap that was Grant's first exposure to the UFO phenomenon. An in-depth discussion of Wilbur Smith, head of the Canadian government's UFO study, covering a ton of ground including Smith's UFO report that went to the Canadian Prime Minister, his inventions that may have been developed with help from ETs, and the amazing story of "AFFA" and Mrs.Swan and Wilbur Smith's role in that affair. Grant also details Wilbur Smith's most famous role in Ufology, the Top Secret Memo document along with the story of the famous Wilbur Smith files and what became of them.

From there, we touch on Canadian Ufology v. American Ufology, the Canadian government's stance on UFOs, including discussion on Paul Hellyer, former Minister of Defense who recently came out in favor of Disclosure. Grant discusses the upcoming release of the Bill Clinton files and his game plan for getting UFO documents from the files. Following that, he reveals a stunning recent story regarding Bill Clinton alluding to a shadow government controlling the UFO secret and how the UFO community completely missed this story last month. What Grant thinks the government knows about the UFO secret.

Other topics discussed in Part 1 : At what point did the UFO secret get out of the hands of the President, which leads to discussion on the government's "covert disclosure", i.e. slow release of UFO information to the public via leaked documents and footage, including detailed discussion on the Holloman Air Force Base film. The direction this "covert disclosure" is going. The dual goals of "covert disclosure". Some discussion on Bill Moore and how his story applies to the concept of "covert disclosure". How this is going on today. The key to researching documents that circulate in Ufology today.

Grant Cameron is a native Canadian who has been studying the UFO phenomenon for 30 years. He started in 1975 as one of the principal investigators of the "Charlie Red Star" UFO flap of the mid-70's. From there, his investigation led to the story of Wilbur Smith, head of the Canadian government UFO investigation Project Magnet, culminating with an in-depth investigation of US Presidents and both their relationship with the UFO secret. He is a highly esteemed researcher in Ufology who has lectured throughout North America on the 1975 UFO flap that got him involved in Ufology, Canada's early attempts to study UFOs, Disclosure politics, and the Presidential UFO connection.

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Grant Cameron

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