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Red Pill Junkie
(2 Hours, 51 Minutes)

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BoA:Audio welcomes back an astute observer of the esoteric and one of the more perceptive pundits in the world of the paranormal, Red Pill Junkie, for a truly mind-bending conversation covering technology, spirituality, UFOs, and tons more. We start things out by reflecting a bit on how prolific RPJ's work is as it featured at a variety of different paranormal websites.

We then get discuss last month's massive earthquake in Mexico City, where RPJ lives, and get his perspective on the disaster and recovery in the region. This leads to some talk about how events such as the earthquake and the hurricanes of September can serve as a wake up call for people telling them that life is more fragile than they may realize. RPJ then details an amazing story about a man who encountered a mysterious self-described alchemist in the 1930's and was warned about the dangers of tinkering with nuclear power.

Looking at the increasingly enveloping nature of technology, we talk about the dangers of robots replacing humans and what will happen to people when all the jobs have been turned over to automatons. We then muse about whether some kind of universal basic income would have to be offered to people since so many jobs would suddenly disappear due to robots and we wonder who would pay for such a outpouring of money. We then speculate on the timetable for all of this to unfold and whether or not RPJ and Binnall will be around when the robot shit hits the fan.

Discussing the use of drones in war, RPJ enlightens us to how, in the past, there were social and religious moors which largely dissuaded 'unfair and inhuman advantages' for more advanced armies in war. This segues into talking about how different nations strive to acquire nuclear weapons and the dangers or potential benefits of more and more countries getting such weapons. We then talk a bit about the pyramids and Great Sphinx, wondering if there is hidden information contained there or if, perhaps, it is the human condition to hope that there are 'answers' out there.

RPJ tells about his interest in the Urantia book, which leads to us discussing the theory of reincarnation and how Binnall has issues with letting go of his 'self' in the afterlife. Connecting technology to this line of thought, we then talk about the possibility that human personalities or consciousness might someday be able to be 'saved' in a computer and whether or not that's a necessarily a good thing. Showing his wisdom, RPJ draws a fantastic analogy to how the world has changed from arcades to home video game systems.

Staying on the topic of dying versus living forever in a computer, we ponder the idea that our reality may already be some kind of computer simulation anyway. Getting into UFOs, we then talk about the proverbial 'other' that may be behind the phenomenon and how hard it is to untangle the mysterious nature of the enigma. This turns into talk about the difficulty in pursuing the 'big questions' while facing the challenges of simply surviving here on Earth. This leads, inevitably, it seems to the topic of Tom DeLonge's big 'academy announcement' and what is going on with his project.

Looking at the 'disclosure movement,' we must about how alleged former government insiders used to be revelatory in ufology, but are now almost commonplace and redundant. RPJ also shares an awesome story about a UFO conference in Mexico during the 1990's which featured a researcher predicting a mass sighting on a particular day and how RPJ stayed up all night hoping to see the promised craft. The talk of disclosure takes us into the then-impending JFK file release due to occur in a few days, at the time, and how Uri Gellar claimed he had a role in the investigation as well as Oswald's visit to Mexico.

RPJ also reflects on our visit to Dealey Plaza in Dallas back in 2016 and his observations of the scene as well as his thoughts on the assassination and who may have been behind it. Circling back around to UFOs, we muse about how actually confirming the reality of the phenomenon is a challenge nowadays as photos, video, and even government insider testimony is largely worthless. This line of thought then delves into how the big questions about UFOs, are they real and where are they from, become alomst superfluous as one digs deeper into the actual phenomenon.

Heading towards the end of the conversation, we speculate about the possibility that the planet has some kind of consciousness and perhaps that may be connected to the UFO phenomenon. We also wonder if finding out the proverbial 'answers' is even possible and how powers of the mind may be the ultimate secret being kept from humanity. This results in us reflecting on how people studying these odd topics need to retain some perspective on things and not get too deeply engrossed in the unknown.

Closing out the program, RPJ talks about the importance of having a good support structure of clear-headed compatriots looking at the paranormal and how there are some good folks in the field who can provide such comraderie. He also tells abotu his new endeavor, designing paranormal-themed t-shirts aimed at helping to make the paranormal 'cool' in the eyes of the public and RPJ ponders the public perception of these topics, specifically UFOs.

Wrapping up the show, we hit RPJ with the question that haunts Binnall: is he going to write a book and, if so, when might he do it. This results in some 4th-wall-smashing talk about the challenge of writing, what we would consider, a worthwhile book in a sea of subpar tomes out there in the paranormal and what we would consider a requirement for pulling off such a feat. We also stay meta by reflecting on the end of BoA:Audio and how the program has evolved over the years.

Next Week:

Linda Godfrey

Tuesday, 10.31.17 @ 9 PM (et)

In what may be our first-ever Halloween-themed edition of the show, we welcome author and journalist Linda Godfrey for a discussion of her book Monsters Among Us, which looks at all manner of strange and unsual creatures and phenomena that she's been told about by witnesses who experienced the weirdness.

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