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Dr. Gregg Korbon

(1 Hour, 37 Minutes)

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BoA:Audio welcomes Dr. Gregg Korbon, author of Beyond Reason: Lessons from the Loss of a Gifted Child, who shares the amazing story of how his 9-year-old son, Brian, predicted his own death. Korbon will recount Brian's initial prediction that he "wouldn't see double digits" and how he prepared his loved ones for his impending demise. We'll learn about how Brian left a number of after-death messages to his family and how children predicting their own death is a far more prevalent trend than is being reported in the mainstream media. Along the way, Gregg will tell us about his journey from paranormal agnostic to believer and the profound changes that grief can create in every individual.

It's a heartbreaking and heartwarming edition of BoA:Audio as Dr. Gregg Korbon shares the remarkable and magical story of his son Brian.

Full Preview: We kick things off with the bio / background on Dr. Gregg Korbon and find out about his life leading up to the events depicted in Beyond Reason. This leads to some discussion on the fact that most physicians appear to be very afraid of death and dying. Getting back to Gregg's story, we find out about his son Brian's terrifying birth and the medical difficulties that beset the first three years of his life. Gregg shares his recollections on Brian's remarkable personality which emerged following those early difficult years.

Gregg then takes us to the start of Brian's riveting story, when he predicted his own impending death. Gregg details the steps that the family took to determine how to handle Brian's death premonition. He also talks about the many incidents leading up to Brian's death which clearly indicate that he knew his demise was quickly approaching. Taking the story to its tragic conclusion, Gregg recounts the day that Brian died, which included a proverbial "going away" party that he'd insisted on having as well as the Little League game where Brian passed away.

Continuing the narrative, Gregg recounts the many 'coincidences' which indicate that Brian's death was clearly "supposed to happen" and how these paradoxical events both haunted and perplexed him. Given that Brian's death prediciton was fairly well known to Korbon family friends, we find out what their reaction was to the eerily accurate premonition. He also talks about the muted reaction from the otherwise intrigued media, which essentially refused to cover the predicative nature of Brian's death. Additionally, Gregg shares some remarkable insights gained from the support group Compassionate Friends, where he discovered that a significant number of bereaved parents had their children predict their own death.

In light of Gregg's experience with Brian, we have him impart some advice for any parents who may encounter a similar death prediction from their child. This leads to Gregg detailing how young children are surprisingly intelligent and intuitive, but seem to have these abilities diminished as they begin organized schooling. From there, Gregg talks about the very strong evidence for paranormal abilities which he discovered as he began to investigate the world of the esoteric. Gregg also reflects on why it seems like the media refuses to report on the viability of psychic abilities.

We then find out what the reaction was from Gregg's medical colleagues to Brian's story and Gregg's subsequent paranormal awakening. We also learn how Gregg feels about re-telling Brian's story so many times, likely hundreds of times by now. We then find out how Gregg's wife reacted to Brian's death as well as his journey of paranormal discovery. Looking at one prevalent feeling that many parents of deceased children experience, we learn about how they appear to lose their fear of death following their tragic loss.

Heading towards the close, we talk about how the recovery time from the trauma of a death is beset with feelings of isolation and helplessness, and how people can help those in grief with overcoming these roadblocks. We then get Gregg's opinion on whether the magical abilities of children will ever be fully accepted and embraced by the mainstream culture. We also find out what's next for Gregg Korbon and how folks can pick up a copy of Beyond Reason.

Dr. Gregg Korbon Bio

Gregg Korbon enlisted in the army after high school and served as an artillery officer during the Vietnam era. He then attended Duke University and Duke University School of Medicine, specializing in anesthesiology and pain management. Dr. Korbon taught at Duke and the University of Virginia medical schools, entered private practice, and now directs an outpatient surgery center. He has authored books and research articles and developed new techniques that are widely used in his field.

Dr. Korbon has also had a long-standing interest in outdoor education and is a senior facilitator at the University of Virginia’s Poplar Ridge challenge course. While an undergraduate at Duke, he created a weeklong adventure course for incoming freshmen, now called Project W.I.L.D. (Wilderness Initiative Learning at Duke), which became a model for many university outdoor programs. He holds a black belt in tae kwon do, a brown belt in judo, and has logged over forty thousand miles as a bicycle commuter. Dr. Korbon has known challenge and pain, but it was only through the death of his son that he found their common source. He lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains of central Virginia with his wife and children.

His website is beyondreason.info

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