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Peter Robbins

(2 Hours, 3 Minutes)

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Acclaimed UFO researcher, author, and lecturer as well as longtime friend BoA:Audio, Peter Robbins, returns to the program for a LIVE edition of Season 8. In this fast paced two hour conversation, we cover everything from how Peter first got interested in UFOs back in the late 1970's all the way up to his role in this year's Citizen's Hearing on Disclosure.

Highlights: We begin by getting an update on what Peter has been up to since his last appearance on BoA:Audio and he tells us about his presentation at the Experiencers Speak Conference as well as a recent trip to Rome for a Wilheilm Reich conference. The Reich discussion continues as we learn about his research and how it appeared to alter the weather and seemed to attract UFOs.

We then revisit Peter's origin story as far as UFO research goes and he recounts the incredible story of how, in his late 20's, he suddenly remembered a vivid childhood UFO encounter that he and his sister experienced as teenagers. From there, we get Peter's excellent advice for newcomers to the field of UFO research and what they should strive to do as well as avoid as their work evolves.

Next we talk about Peter's participation in the Citizen's Hearing on Disclosure this past April, we revisit his paper regarding the dangers of UFO disclosure and religious fundamentalism, and we muse about how the ridicule factor continue to stymie UFO media coverage. Peter also talks about the new UFO Truth magazine and his recent article which takes Steven Greer to task for making ludicrous proclamations about aliens.

The episode also includes Peter's thoughts on the science v. activism schism in UFO studies and a caller who asks about the falling out that happened between Whitley Strieber and Budd Hopkins. And, closing out the program, Peter preview the New England UFO Festival taking place on October 26th in Leominster, Massachusetts.

Peter Robbins Bio

Peter Robbins has been involved in UFO studies for more than twenty-five years, as a researcher, investigator, writer, lecturer, activist and author. He is a board member of Budd Hopkins' Intruders Foundation and is co-author of the British best-seller Left at East Gate: A First-Hand Account of the Bentwaters-Woodbridge UFO Incident, Its Cover-Up and Investigation.

Robbins has lectured extensively both in the States and abroad, including dozens of talks throughout the United Kingdom. Venues have included local, national and international conferences as well as presentations for organizations, seminars, private groups, public, private and secondary schools, universities, libraries, scientific organizations, educational foundations and Cambridge Hospital in Boston under the sponsorship of the late Pulitzer Prize winner Dr. John Mack.

Robbins’ lecture topics have included but not been limited to the United Kingdom’s RAF Bentwaters-Woodbridge UFO incident; the suppression of UFO information by the American and British Governments; James Vincent Forrestal, first Secretary of Defense and early casualty of UFO secrecy; the emergence of the national security state; Dr. Wilhelm Reich and UFOs; the UFO abduction phenomenon; the crop circle phenomenon, and the media and UFOs.

Peter also served as Art Director and investigator for the New York City-based Scientific Bureau of Investigation (SBI), a national police and civilian UFO research organization and as Editorial Assistant on [requested] "Blue Memorandum" for Parliament's House of Lords Debate on UFOs, January 1980; Research Assistant on United Nations Secretary General's Report "for the establishment of a UN-UFO Department."

He can be reached at facebook.com/probbinsny

Next Episode:

In a taped edition of program, we welcome two guests who will
discuss the After Death Communication phenomenon from two distinct angles.

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