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Sharon Hill

(1 Hour, 59 Minutes)

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In the first live episode of Season 8, editor of Doubtful News, Sharon Hill, returns to the program to continue our conversation about building a bridge between the skeptic and paranormal community. We also discuss the latest happenings in the world of cryptozoology, ufology, skepticism, and the esoteric.

Highlights: We get an update from Sharon on the aftermath of her BoA:Audio appearance last Spring as well as what she's been up to since we last spoke. We also cover bias in the skeptical community against skeptics who look at "silly" topics, how skepticism has undergone a significant change in recent years, skeptic conferences v. paranormal conferences, dealing with online feuds, as well as a troubling phone encounter from a "fan" that Sharon experienced.

Additionally, Sharon tells us about the latest in the Melba Ketchum Bigfoot DNA case and we examine the challenges of bringing science into UFO research. Other topics include the adoption of spiritualism by modern day paranormal research, science as a religion, Sharon's ghost hunting trip, and the need to avoid generalizing paranormal researchers.

The episode also includes calls from two listeners who share their thoughts on the conversation. And, wrapping things up, we briefly talk about Martian and Lunar anomalies, the anti-vaccine movement, and Binnall closes out the program by sharing his awkward dentist story.

Sharon Hill Bio

Sharon Hill has been an active member of the skeptical community since 1993. In 2006, she began her blog "Doubtful" which covers topics relating to paranormal happenings, cryptozoology, anomalous natural phenomena, science & society and general skeptical goodness. Her day job is as a geologist and policy specialist. She has a Masters degree in education, specializing in Science and the Public. She runs the critical thinking newssite, Doubtfulnews.com and writes a web column for the Center for Skeptical Inquiry called Sounds Sciencey.

Her website is Doubtful News

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