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Adam Davies & John Carlson

(2 Hours, 30 Minutes)

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Making his annual sojourn to BoA:Audio, old friend and cryptozoologist Adam Davies joins us alongside paranormal researcher John Carlson as they reveal, for the first time ever, the full details of their bizarre experience which has created a firestorm in the Bigfoot research community over the past few months. Exclusively on Binnall of America, Adam and John recount their trip to Dr. Matthew Johnson's alleged Bigfoot habituation zone in southern Oregon in June of 2014 and how, while there, they witnessed a 'portal' emerge and unleash two humanoid entities that ultimately proved to be hostile to them.

Throughout this conversation, we try and get as much detail as possible on every aspect of the tale and pressed the pair with questions that likely will be asked by the more incredulous listeners in the audience. We also ponder just about every possible explanation for what Adam and John may have witnessed out there in the woods. And, of course, we talk about all of the controversy and fevered interest this whole story has engendered and why the pair have taken so long to talk about the event.

It is, without a doubt, one of the most anticipated editions of the program in recent memory and one that will likely be studiously parsed over by true believers and skeptics alike for quite some time. Adam Davies and John Carlson break their silence on the infamous SOHA portal encounter.

Highlights: After a good five minute introduction complete with some minor roasting of Adam, we dive in first with the bio / background on John Carlson and find out how he got mixed up in all of this. Adam then provides BoA:Audio newcomers with a thumbnail bio and then tells us how in the hell he ended up in the forest of southern Oregon in June of 2014. Getting meta for a moment, we break the fourth wall and talk a bit about the nature of Adam and John granting BoA:Audio this exclusive interview and deciding to share their tale for the first time.

We then set the stage for that fateful four days in June by getting some background on the third player in this adventure, Dr. Matthew Johnson, who was their host in southern Oregon and provided them with access to an alleged Bigfoot habituation area. We then get a description from Adam and John of the area where this Bigfoot allegedly dwells as well as some of the rules they were required to follow in order to visit the area. The duo then takes us through their firs night at the camp, which proved to be relatively uneventful.

Following that, Adam and John recount their second night at the camp and detail some of the strange Bigfoot-eque events which occurred over the evening. Focusing on the specific Bigfoot events, we query them about if there were any unique smells in the area as well as their psychological state over these first two nights prior to the 'big events.'

Then, in the moment you've been waiting for, Adam and John tell us about their third night at the camp and the now-infamous events which took place. Adam tells us about the initial appearance of an anomalous light appearing about 150 feet away from them. The story, believe it or not, then gets weirder as two strange entities emerge from this, for lack of a better term, portal.

We try to get as much detail as possible from Adam and John as to the physical description of these entities which emerged from the portal. Adam then recounts how the encounter with these entities seemed to turn hostile as they charged at the pair. In hindsight, we ask the guys if they considered trying to make contact or investigate further before the entities became hostile. As their experience continues, we find out about how they figured out a way to fend off these entities as they were charged and how this turned into a veritable cat and mouse game.

The action then turns to the fourth and final night of expedition as Adam explains why the pair decided to stay at the camp after the bizarre and unsettling events of the previous night. Attempting to answer the obvious question of skeptics, we find out why Adam and John have no photographs, film, or sounds of the entire experience despite there being, presumably, plenty of equipment for such evidence gathering. We then have the guys recount the fourth night, how a similar situation with the entities played out, as well as some additional details that had not been present on the previous night.

As the story winds down, we break the fourth wall a bit and talk about the general weirdness of the story and how Adam has struggled with telling it as well as how John had his own doubts about the experience but elements of it all make it seem very real to him rather than a hallucination. John also shares a weird, possibly completely unrelated, paranormal event which happened prior to the night's events. We also learn what Dr. John claimed to have dreamed during the night before and his claims about the entities they witnesses the previous night.

Thus concludes the events of the four days as the guys leave the southern Oregon location, leading us to the next stage of all this, beginning with the deep difficulty that Adam had with discussing the experience and why he didn't want to talk about it at all. We also talk about how the story ended up being revealed to the public and Adam discusses the tremendous pressure he's been under to tell everyone what happened. Given that they've had a full year to ponder what happened, we ask Adam and then John what it is they think they experienced those two weird nights in Oregon.

We then stress upon one huge, key element to the story which may dismay some but is critically important to point out: there is not evidence, based on even Adam and John's wild anecdote, that this 'portal' had anything to do with Bigfoot aside from the circumstantial evidence that they were there looking for it. Adam also alludes to other accounts of similar instances which he's begun to investigate. John then tells us about a somewhat unique reaction he's had to the experience which may mean more than even he might think and he also shares a remarkable opinion of these entities which bears exploring.

Circling back around to some of the smaller details from their experience, we talk about John's attempt to rebuke the entities with religion as well as his return to religion after the entire experience. This leads to some talk about the possibility that the entities the duo encountered were demonic in nature. We look at another possible explanation that would be proffered by a skeptic of the story and wonder if John and Adam were unwittingly hoaxed. In light of this being Adam's second weird American Bigfoot experience, we ask him he just wants to go back and track the Orang Pendek.

Pulling the camera back from the story, we concede that, while amazing, this experience does little to nothing in the effort to solve the Bigfoot mystery. Binnall then goes on a rant against Bigfoot habituation stories as well as Bigfoot sound recordings and how they, so far, do nothing to advance the movement of 'getting' Bigfoot. Adam responds to Binnall's rant by talking him down off the ledge and explaining some of the possible good points related to the trends of evidence collection. Binnall then undoes the always-cited Jane Goodall attribution that Bigfoot habituators often use.

We also get John's take on the habituation method of Bigfoot research and the challenges inherent with it. This leads to some talk about the dismissal of paranormal Bigfoot tales and how even mainstream cryptozoology tries to keep it under wraps. In light of the work of Eric Ouellet, we ponder the possibility that Adam and John had a psi experience rather than an encounter with otherwordly beings. We also address the paradox of Adam feeling like he was being attacked while also telling us that they could easily fend these things off with a flashlight.

In the final half hour, the show turns into a bit more of a jam session and we get an update from Adam on the whole Bryan Sykes story that he discussed last October on the Season 8 finale. We also circle back to the entire story of Adam and John's experience and we talk about the reaction from the Bigfoot community with regards to this remarkable tale. John also shares his own personal experience with childhood visitations by entities similar to the ones he saw at SOHA. At that point, we close out the conversation and find out where folks can find out more from John Carlson and Adam Davies as well as whatever madness Adam may be up to in the future.

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