After briefly appearing at the end of BoA : Audio, the X-Conference Sessions, Robert Miles rejoins us for a full legth discussion. In an interview conducted on July 29th, 2005, binnall and Miles discuss the ET encounter he had in the early 1970's that changed his life and prompted him to write his book, "Safe Space". During this conversation, Miles explains why he chose to write fiction as opposed to non-fiction, his post-contact experience, including the reaction of his friends and if he's heard from the ETs since.

We also discuss his upcoming documentary film "The Fastwalker Files", which showcases a wide array of international Ufologists, along with what may be in store for future Fasterwalker Files films. We cover disclosure, is it emminent, abductions v. ET contact expereriences, different ET races, the messages emparted to him from the ETs regarding humankind's future, and a host of other esoteric topics.

Robert Miles is a television and motion picture writer and producer with thirty years experience. He has written and published numerous articles, and non-fiction stories. An avid adventurer, Robert designed and built four sailing vessels, cruised to Hawaii, Baja Mexico, and Honduras. His book "Safespace" is a manifestation of his personal extraterrestrial experience.

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topics discussed:
1 hr 15 min
Robert Miles