We start out by getting some background on Karyn Dolan, where she came from and how she got interested in the esoteric world, including the ironic twist of fate that introduced her to the UFO phenomenon. Karyn talks about the early days of her husband Richard Dolan's work in Ufology, how she became somewhat of a "Ufology widow" and how the study of the esoteric can change the dynamics of a couple. From there, we find out what made Karyn decide to enter the media realm of esoterica with her own radio show and how "Through the Keyhole" came about.

Next we find out what shaped Karyn's choices for guests on "Through the Keyhole". Karyn talks about the transition from spectator to presenter within the esoteric community. This leads to a discussion on how Karyn is different from Richard, in that she is interested in the more ephemeral nature of the UFO phenomenon as opposed to the government cover-up side of the story.

From there, we get Karyn's take on the "specialization v. diversity of investigation" debate that seems to divide esoteric studies. We find out what Karyn thinks can be done to overcome that divide in esoterica and where she see the trend in esoteric investigation going. We also get Karyn's point of view on the exopolitics v. "nuts and bolts investigation" debate within Ufology.

After this we explore the issue of women in Ufology and get Karyn's take on the subject and where she sees the trend of women in Ufology going. This leads to a discussion on the other key demographic discussed on the show : young people in Ufology. Based on Karyn's experience on the conference circuit, we find out where she sees the trend of young people in Ufology going and get her thoughts on the subject as a parent.

This segues into a discussion on a key issue that has become Karyn's pet project, of sorts: media desensitization of children to UFOs and ETs. For starters, we find out what made Karyn interested in this unique topic. This leads to Karyn detailing some of the strange UFO elements to the children's program "Boohbahs". We ponder whether this desensitization is intentional or just a result of the overal desensitization to the UFO phenomenon that has been going on for the last few generations. We find out from Karyn's research whether the the portrayal of the aliens is either predominantly positive or negative. Karyn talks about what parents should do to combat the potential desensitization of the ETs to children.

Karyn tells us where her research on this subject is heading and what she's discovered so far with regards to any UFO interest influencing the creators of children's programming. Karyn tells us whether she thinks this ET-centric children's programming will become more popular and what may be next from her with regards to this research.

Heading towards the end, we find out from Karyn what Richard's take has been on her emergence in the field of the esoteric and how he has helped her along the way. We also get Karyn's take on UFO conferences, the pros and cons of these gatherings, and what the key difference is between UFO conferences and mainstream conferences.

Wrapping it up, we find out what kinds of subjects Karyn would like to explore on "Through the Keyhole" in the future. She also tells us about her upcoming speaking appearance at the UFO Crash Retrieval Conference IV and where the BoA : Audio listeners can find her show online.

Karyn Dolan was born and raised in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York, and has had a keen interest in folklore and ghost stories all her life. She is now the host of “Through the Keyhole,” a weekly internet radio program devoted to ufology and the paranormal. On her show, as well as in her private research, she is interested in the connections between various “fringe” topics, such as cryptozoology, ufology, poltergeists, and hidden history.

For many years, she has engaged in in-depth studies of ancient, pre-Christian religions, and has a strong interest in comparative myth. Karyn also provides copy editing and transcription services for various researchers and writers in the UFO/paranormal field, including her husband, Richard Dolan, who is author of UFOs and the National Security State.

Karyn Dolan lives with her husband and their two homeschooled children in Rochester, New York. Her show can be heard on paranormalradionetwork.com, Sunday afternoons from 5-7 pm EST. She loves to get listener ideas and feedback, and can be reached at kdolan@rochester.rr.com.

Her website is keyholepublishing.com

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