We kick things off with the standard bio / background and we find out how Ole Jonny became interested in UFOs and, eventually, became head of UFO Norway. We then move on to discuss the evolution of UFO events in Norway, beginning with some of the pre-1947 cases, such as their "airship wave" of the early 1900's. Jonny explains how, despite the name of the phenomenon (air ships, ghost rockets, ghost flyers), the actual anomaly sighted wasn't exactly a craft but more like a light. This leads us to some discussion on the "ghost flyer" and "ghost rocket" waves of the 1930's and Ole Jonny talks about the Norwegian military's investigation of the phenomenon. Jonny also details how, originally, the concept of UFOs were not even entertained by the Norwegians with regards to the early "ghost rocket / flyer" flaps.

Next we look at a case which is fairly well known in American UFO circles: the Spitsbergen UFO Crash/Retrieval Incident of 1952. Jonny details how the research of UFO Norway has revealed a number of problems with the story that suggest it may have been a hoax. The next case that Jonny covers is the 1954 "Bjornulf film," which allegedly shows a UFO during a solar eclipse. Johnny explains the events which surrounding the filming and how a famous Norwegian debunker proved the true origins of the "craft" on the film.

Following that, we look at the 1972 UFO trace case in Namsenfjorden. Jonny talks about how the origins of the case actually date back to 1959. He then details the intriguing trace cases which emerged over a decade later in the same area. We follow that up by discussing the numerous UFO events in the valley of Hessdalen in Norway and how it spawned "Project Hessdalen," one of UFO Norway's signature investigations. He reveals some of the interesting findings that Project Hessdalen documented as well as provides us with a look at the current state of the project.

The last big case we look at is from 1995, which saw a UFO event turn into some kind of close encounter. Jonny provides some remarkable details on the case which are truly bizarre. He also talks about the regression sessions that UFO Norway undertook with the witnesses to the UFO event, since they suffered missing time during the sighting, and some of the stunning recollections imparted by the witnesses while under hypnosis.

Up next we find out what sort of reports UFO Norway has been receiving in contemporary times and Jonny talks about the large number of UFO photos that the organization receives as well as his own research into the many UFO photos. We also talk about another close encounter case from 1954 as well as the intriguing number of USO reports that can be found in Norway, dating back to before the first World War.

We move on to discuss the history of UFO studies in Norway. Jonny explains how small, local groups started emerging in the late 1950's and into the 1960's but that they were less investigative and more evangelical (along the lines of classic Contactee organizations). He then details how a national UFO organization emerged in the early 1970's and how a new, more critical, perspective on the UFO phenomenon also emerged. We also talk about the emergence of the NIVFO, which was the Norwegian equivalent to CSICOP, in the early 1980's as well as the contemporary paranormal sceptic society in Norway. Jonny also talks about one of the more recent developments in UFO studies in Norway: a Norwegian counterpart to the Exopolitics movement.

Looking at some of the big institutions in Norway and their stance on UFOs, we first find out about the government / military. Jonny talks about what sort of files UFO Norway has been able to uncover from the government and military. He also reveals a surprising systemic problem with getting files, of any sort, from the Norwegian archive as well as a classified police investigation into UFOs that he has seen.

We then find out about the Norwegian media's take on UFOs and how the coverage has evolved over the years. Jonny pinpoints when the "giggle factor" emerged in the Norwegian media with regards to UFO and what the present attitude of the media in Norway is regarding UFOs. In addition to general news coverage, we find out if there are paranormal shows similar to the ones we find here in America. Jonny also details the ebb and flow of membership that UFO Norway has seen since the 1970's.

Heading towards the close, we found out about the contemporary cooperative efforts between UFO Norway and UFO Sweden. He also encourages our listeners to check out his extensive report on the Norwegian UFO photos which can be found HERE. Wrapping things up, we find out if Jonny feels we will ever get an answer to the UFO enigma and he shares his take on the phenomenon as a whole.

Ole Jonny Braenne was born in Drammen, Norway. He has been interested in UFO phenomena since 1984, and since 1989 has been the webmaster, co-editor, and chairman of UFO-Norway. He has written many Norwegian articles and booklets, with articles published in the Archive for UFO Research Newsletter, the INFO Journal, and International UFO Reporter. He has presented lectures at UFO congresses in Sweden and England and has been interviewed in newspapers (Norway) on radio (Norway, England, USA) and TV (Norway).

His comprehensive report on Norwegian UFO photos can be found HERE.

His website is ufo.no

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Ole Jonny Braenne