In this concluding installment, we discuss what other abduction researchers have to say about the MILAB phenomenon, why the abductees often do not disclose the MILAB experience to an abductee researcher, and how Melinda deals with people who come to her for help re: MILABs. She describes "patterns" that emerge from the folks who have experienced government harassment post-abduction, as well as, the areas she finds most troubling in the MILAB phenomenon.

We have an in-depth discussion on the "minder" phenomenon, how they manage to find their way into the lives of abductees and how the abductees eventually figure it out, and what happens to the "minder". Good minders v. bad minders and when minders get menacing. From there, we move on to the gripping and chilling story of her co-author's ordeal at the hands of the "powers that be". The phenomenon of "Stepford Abductees" and how Melinda reacts to them. We talk about disclosure in relation to the MILAB phenomenon and how Melinda sees it fitting into the "big picture" of Disclosure. She also discusses if and how she sees Disclosure playing out.

Women in Ufology, why there seems to be less women than men in Ufology and how Melinda sees that changing. Are there more women researchers in abduction than Ufology ? We wrap it up with what's next for Melinda Leslie, including a book that is about her that is coming out soon.

Melinda Leslie has investigated "covert intelligence" involvement in abductions for 12 years, conducting over 40 interviews of experiencers and researchers of this troubling phenomenon. For many years Melinda was the director of two experiencer support groups and the director of a monthly lecture series for nine years, presenting nearly 100 speakers. Melinda was Associate Producer of the 1994 UFO Expo West conferences, has lectured on her area of expertise at numerous conferences and been a guest on many radio and television talk shows.

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Melinda Leslie

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