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Butch Witkowski

(2 Hours, 9 Minutes)

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BoA:Audio welcomes longtime researcher of high strangeness, Butch Witkowski, for a discussion on human mutilations and the field of Ufology. Butch will tell us how he came upon the human mutilation mystery, key cases where people have died under mysterious circumstances that suggest they were victims of human mutilations, and how the field of Ufology as well as government authorities make it particularly difficult to investigate the phenomenon. Plus, we'll cover the paranormal nature of Pennsylvania, time portals, and the accusations leveled against Butch in the last six months that he fabricated his background.

It's an episode that may have you looking at the abduction phenomenon and cattle mutilations in a suspicious and frightening light as we explore human mutilations with Butch Witkowski.

Full Preview: We kick things off with the standard bio / background on Butch Witkowski, finding out how he got interested in the UFO phenomenon, his own sighting and the evolution of his research. Butch talks about his decade away from UFO studies, his departure from MUFON, and how his interest and study of human mutilations developed. Getting into the human mutilations, Butch talks about the staggering number of people in the United States who vanish each year. He also extrapolates on how he drew the connection to UFOs, abductions, and cattle mutilations.

Butch then takes us to the front line of human mutilation research and talks about how he was warned off on the subject. He then talks about one key HM case: Sgt. JP Lovette, who had a UFO encounter in 1956 that led to him vanishing and later his body being found mutilated. He also talks about some other mysterious UFO cases that suggests some human mutilations had happened. Butch goes into tremendous detail on a 1988 event in Brazil which he calls the most promising of all potential human mutilation cases. Butch shares some specific notes about the case which make it particularly troubling and suggest that the human mutilation victim was alive while being dissected.

Next, he talks about a truly weird case from Egypt in 2005 where three families were "butchered" under mysterious circumstances. This leads to some discussion on the difficulties in finding human mutilations cases, since authorities investigating mysterious deaths are likely to use any reason for death that isn't remotely paranormal. Getting back to human mutilation cases, we go in-depth the infamous Todd Sees case from 2002 that has gained notoriety in Ufology circles. Butch also reveals the surprising number of cases he's uncovered that appear to be human mutilations. He also teases additional cases that appear to be cropping up from England in the 1500's.

Getting somewhat meta, we have Butch weigh in on why it seems like Pennsylvania seems to have an inordinate number of paranormal events and investigators. Staying within the realm of weird PA stuff, Butch tells us about his investigation into time portals in Pennsylvania. Butch also reflects on what his longterm goal would be for his UFO research. We also have Butch speculate on what is really going on with the UFO phenomenon and we talk about the potential connection with human mutilations, vanishing people, black ops programs, and other tangential areas of paranormalia. We then find out if the cattle mutilation phenomenon is still as prevalent today as it was during the apparent heyday of the 1970's and 80's. We also find out what the reaction of the UFO community has been to Butch's research as well as his take on the evolution of UFO research in recent years.

Staying within the realm of "inside Ufology," we have Butch respond to the accusations leveled against him by factions within the UFO research community. He takes us over the course of these accusations, how they developed over time, and what he plans for a longterm response to the accusations. Butch also reflects on the support he's received from other UFO researchers as well as speculates on why these accusations have surfaced in recent months. Heading towards the close, Butch details what's next for him, including projects involving human mutilations and other UFO-related projects.

Butch Witkowski Bio

Butch Witkowski has been an independent researcher since 1989, when he and four others witnessed a UFO of unbelievable size hover over A Mountain in Tucson, AZ. Witkowski joined MUFON in 2007, giving him more access to cases and on-site investigations. He became a Field Investigator, State Section Director, and Chief Investigator for Pennsylvania MUFON. Witkowski was also made a member of the Star Team.

After relinquishing his position as Chief Investigator, he started the UFO Research Center of Pennsylvania. He brought together the best like-minded researchers and consultants he could find. Together they pursue both historical and new cases, and, with a little luck, will resolve some cases of High Strangeness.

His website is paufosearch.com

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