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Wren Collier
(3 Hours)

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Emerging esoteric researcher and paranormal scholar Wren Collier joins BoA:Audio for an expansive conversation covering a fairly vast array of paranormal topics. After we dispense with the formalities and find out Wren's bio/background, we dive right into discussing the ETH, alternative theories on the UFO phenomenon, and the challenges of sending humans, themselves, into space, much less our species eventually making it to colonizing Mars.

We move on to discuss Wren's research into and practice of the occult, beginning with him giving us a basic idea of what it is. This segues into Binnall begging Wren to explain how in the hell the people listen can possibly try this stuff out for themselves. He then shares an amazing story about the time that he pefformed an incantation where he believes that he encountered some kind of god-like entity. We also get Wren's take on whether these 'beings' are good or evil, if people can be hurt from delving into the occult, and classic cases of contact with these entities.

From there, we talk about a rarely-covered but important aspect of UFO research and that is the noteworthy lack of diversity in ufology, specifically with regards to African American and LGBT researchers and, seemingly, consumers as well. Wren shares his thoughts on why this seems to be the case, how ufology has been unfairly connected to the world of extreme conspiracy research in recent years, and we discuss if/how the field can make itself more inclusive. After that, we pivot to a totally different topic by getting Wren's take on Bigfoot and what the legendary cryptid could be.

Binnall then puts forward a spontaneous and intriguing thought, asking if the success of the space program in proving that there were no ETs on Mars or Venus or elsewhere yet result in a transformation of the human species' psyche where we realized that the nearby planets are not populated and that we are essentially 'alone,' leading to the emergence of UFOs as a sort of 'imaginary friend' for humanity. We also lament how the spirit of exploration in modern times is hampered by the fear of someone dying in the process and how that is incredibly frustrating in light of how technologically advanced we are.

Nearing the end of the conversation, we discuss the increasingly escalating tensions with North Korea and the nature of Kim Jong Un. This turns into some political talk (sorry!) and wraps up with us talking about the legendary Betty and Barney Hill abduction case which was celebrating its 56th anniversary that night and we get Wren's take on what may have really happened to the duo. No doubt, we could have talked even longer, but we literally barely pulled the episode in at the three hour limit before BlogTalk shut us down.

Next Week:

Seth Breedlove

Tuesday, 9/26/17 @ 9 PM (et)

Critically acclaimed filmmaker, chronicler of crypid tales from across America, and 2017 Golden Yeti Award winner Seth Breedlove joins us to talk about 'small town monsters,' the Mothman, the weird Pennsylvania UFO / Bigfoot flap of the 1970's, and how the last few weeks have been an absolute whirlwind for him.

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