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Richard Syrett

(2 Hours, 4 Minutes)

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BoA:Audio returns from our August hiatus to welcome Richard Syrett, host of the popular syndicated radio program The Conspiracy Show as well as the television program of the same name, for a conversation about conspiracies, the paranormal, his lengthy career in esoteric radio, and much, much more. Some of the highlights of this incredibly wide-ranging exchange include Richard's background and evolution within paranormal media, the importance of having a life beyond the esoteric, how he was an early booster for infamous Toronto mayor Rob Ford, if there is any difference in the Canadian perspective on conspiracies as compared to American perception of conspiracy theory.

We also pivot into UFO discussion and Richard tells us about his introduction to the subject, media coverage of the phenomenon in the face of massive evidence for it, Paul Hellyer's claims of receiving information about UFOs from sources within the US government, the challenge of changing the 'first impression' that UFOs made when they originally imprinted themselves onto the psyche of the world in the mid-1900's, plus the mainstreaming of the paranormal and conspiracy theory in recent years as stories like NSA spying begin to emerge and confirm concerns forwarded by esoteric researchers for years.

Next we get Richard's take on the birth, evolution, and stagnation of the 9/11 Truth Movement over the last 13 years and he talks about how the endless research into the methods behind the event trump the more important questions surrounding why the attacks happened and who was behind it. This circles back to some more discussion on the mainstream media and how they ignore conspiracy theories or treat them with derision while also failing to display critical thinking when told information from the government.

Following that we discuss the wave of celebrity nude photos which were unleashed on the internet over Labor Day weekend and whether it will be used to condition people into wanting more government control over the Internet. This segues into Richard sharing his observations about the technical culture we have become and the drawbacks to such a dramatic shift in human perspective. This leads to some talk about the police state that has emerged over the last decade in America and beyond as well as a brief side discussion on the illegal cigarette trade which crosses America and Canada.

We then get meta and learn about Richard's TV show, The Conspiracy Show, and learn about the topics they have covered as well as getting a look at how the program gets made. We also talk about Oak Island and odd claims by Binnall's Canadian relatives that America is secretly stealing their water, which leads to some talk about all the vast territory in Canada that remains untouched by human hands.

Nearing the close, we ponder why it seems like all paranormal mysteries remain unsolved despite years and decades of people trying to solve these enigmas. This turns into talk about cynics v. skeptics v. debunkers and the differences between the various mindsets when it comes to the paranormal. Jumping into another totally different realm, we get into a lengthy side discussion on the MH370 mystery which began earlier this year. Closing out the show, we draft Richard into the BoA:Audio Baseball League and get his deeply informed opinion on the Toronto Blue Jays and what went wrong for them during the 2014 season.

Of note, since we didn't get the chance to discuss it during the program, Richard is producing and hosting the Follow the Truth Conspiracy Show Summit on 11/16/2014 in Oshawa, Ontario. Speakers include Jim Penniston, Don Schmitt, Ronald Mallett, Jim Elvidge, Patty Greer, and Richard J. Dewhurst covering such diverse topics as Rendlesham, Roswell, Time Travel, the Matrix, Crop Circles, and Ancient Giants. If you are in the Ontario area, definitely check it out!

Richard Syrett Bio

Richard Syrett has been involved in radio and television for 20 years, beginning in the early 90s as a major market talk radio producer. In the late 90s Richard found himself behind the mic as the host of his own talk show on Canada's legendary blowtorch radio station, CFRB in Toronto. Since then he has become a trusted and captivating fixture on Toronto's late-night airwaves for over a dozen years.

His popular, weekly syndicated radio program,The Conspiracy Show, broadcasts out of Toronto on Zoomer Radio, AM 740, a 50,000-watt clear channel that can be heard from Maineto Minnesota and from northern, Ontario to the Carolinas. He also has a growing list of US affiliates, including stations in Alaska, Arizona, New Mexico, North Dakota, Texas, Missouri, Kentucky, New York, New Hampshire, and Pennsylvania.

Richard also hosts a TV program called The Conspiracy Show, which is now in its 3rd season. The half-hour, documentary program, which airs across Canada and in parts of Europe and Africa, examines conspiracies, paranormal and supernatural claims and the UFO/ET phenomenon. Richard also serves as series' creator and writer.

Richard occasionally fills in as guest-host on Coast to Coast AM, the most-listened-to, late-night radio program in the world.

During the summers of 2011 and 2012, Richard wrote, produced and narrated two national radio documentary series for CBC Radio; Out of Their Minds and Metamorphosis.

He has been featured on numerous television programs, including Animal Planet's Freak Encounters, The Travel Channel's Destination Fear and The History Channel's William Shatner's Weird or What?

His website is richardsyrett.com as well as theconspiracyshow.com.

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