We kick things off with the standard bio / background on William H. Kennedy and find out how he got interested in the occult and what areas are particularly of interest to him. William traces his evolution of interest from childhood up to the present time and includes some really cool side tangents along the way. Kennedy discusses his friendship with Fr. Malachi Martin, who foretold the Catholic sex abuse scandal to Kennedy before it broke in the press.

This leads into some discussion on Kennedy's research into the Satanic underground inside the Catholic Church and how it ties into the sex abuse scandal. Kennedy details some truly bizarre and troubling cases where there was both sexual abuse and occult rituals going on at the same time. This leads to discussion on how Kennedy believes that the Satanic underground infiltrated the Catholic Church and he details why and how it happened. Kennedy speaks to the far reaching power held by the Catholic Church, in both funds as well as global reach. In light of that, we find out what Kennedy, based on the insight of Fr. Martin, thinks this whole infiltration is geared towards. This leads to some unexpected discussion of a coming Antichrist and Kennedy lays out his suspects for the Antichrist but also discusses why it is difficult to discern who the "ultimate Antichrist" will be.

Next we talk a bit about Kennedy's research into elite secret societies. This leads to Kennedy talking about the Jeff Gannon story and how he got mixed up in the controversy when he alleged that Gannon is really Johnny Gosch. The conversation then takes a completely different turn as we talk about Red Box movie vending machines and why Kennedy feels that they are part of a larger agenda of pushing the occult into the mainstream to create what he calls an "occulture." He ties this agenda into what he sees as part of a larger plan for the coming world dictator.

Diving into a whole different area of the esoteric, we get Kennedy's opinion on the UFO phenomenon and how it ties into his world view. He makes the case for why UFOs are really "diabolical hallucinations." Kennedy shares some of his remarkable research into the infamous Jackie Gleason / UFO connection. Going in another different direction, we talk about Kennedy's research into the human trafficking phenomenon, which is a massive underground industry that barely gets any mainstream coverage. Kennedy lays out some stunning statistics on human trafficking that are truly troubling. He also details who is behind the human trafficking industry and how it ties into the occult. He also talks about how the mainstream media purposely does not cover this bizarre underground criminal cabal.

Looking at contemporary events, we find out what Kennedy thinks of the BP oil disaster and he talks about how many companies made a lot of money off the disaster. He talks about how the event may be a part of a "managed chaos" method of controlling the population. This leads to some discussion on weather warfare.

Heading towards the close, we find out from Kennedy what people can actually do about surviving in this crumbling world and what he sees coming down the line. We also find out if there is anything to do to actually stop this trend towards a one world government. Closing out the show, we find out what's next for William H. Kennedy, including some books and video projects.

William H. Kennedy is a writer and speaker on paranormal & religious topics. Kennedy has produced articles for academic journals such as Sophia: the Journal of Traditional Studies and popular magazines like New Dawn. Kennedy authored Lucifer's Lodge: Satanic Ritual Abuse in the Catholic Church (Sophia Perennis: 2004), Satanic Crime: A Threat in the New Millennium (MVM: 2006) & Occult History: Collected Writings 1994-2008 (MVM: 2008).

Kennedy is a popular guest on television and radio programs in the U.S., Canada & Europe. He has appeared on The Learning Channel, Meridian News (U.K.), Karrang Radio (UK), A Closer Look, Radio Liberty, The Alex Jones Show, The Jeff Rense Program, Deadline Live as well as The ‘ X’ Zone (Canada), among many others.

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William H. Kennedy