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Kenn Thomas

(2 Hours, 12 Minutes)

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BoA:Audio celebrates the 4th of July by welcoming legendary parapolitical researcher Kenn Thomas for a jam session that covers the world of conspiracy theory and beyond. We'll be discussing the field of parapolitics, Kenn's doppelganger, the JFK assassination, conspiracy theories surrounding Osama Bin Laden's death, Sirhan Sirhan's legal defense, the explosive and expansive growth of personal technology, the faltering of space exploration, Timothy Leary, legends of Forteana, the military industrial complex, and even what happens when you die.

From parapolitics and UFOs to futurism and spirituality, this is an engrossing, fast-paced, and darkly comedic conversation with an icon of esoteric research, Kenn Thomas.

Full Preview: We kick things off by getting an update from Kenn Thomas on what he's been up to since he last appeared on the program. This leads to our first big tangent of the conversation, pondering how conspiracy theory research has a darker outlook for the work while paranormal research seems to inspire a more hopeful perspective. To that end, Kenn provides a more hopeful reasoning behind conspiracy research as well as musing about the perceived futility of trying to dismantle a massive conspiracy.

Next, Kenn shares his bizarre doppelanger story, that is featured in Adam Gorightly's new book Happy Trails to High Strangness, where a woman who attended a conference and took a photo of a man calling himself 'Kenn Thomas.' Kenn speculates on what or who may have been the doppelganger. Jumping back to general parapolitics, we then examine the death of Osama bin Laden, one of the big parapolitical stories that happened since Kenn's last appearance on the show. He reflects on how that story unfolded and how he sees it through the conspiracy prism.

Jumping off of Kenn's observation that the government's actions seem to encourage conspiratorial thinking, we ruminate on what might be the motivation behind that. To that end, Kenn also talks about how events can be conspiracy, coincidence, and merely the result of mistakes that suggest a conspiracy or coincidence. Following that, we talk about the impending anniversary of the JFK assassination and Kenn shares his thoughts on the influx of 'new' information as we get closer to the anniversary and how that info isn't quite as 'new' as the media portrays it. In light of the impending 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination, we get Kenn's thoughts on how the event will be portrayed in the media in 2013 as well as whether we'll get any fresh information.

Kenn goes on to detail some of his research on the JFK assassination and how it connects to the U2 spy plane, Boeing, Oswald, Fred Crisman, Australia's Pine Gap base, and a slew of other murky military/industrial places and people. This leads to some discussion on the possibility of the military/industrial complex working with advanced entities and Kenn reflects on the occult leanings of the Nazis and how that fits into this scenario. Next we talk about the assassination of Robert Kennedy and get Kenn's take on the latest developments in the case, where Sirhan Sirhan is fighting his conviction based on allegations of mind control, and Kenn talks about why this is a futile argument.

This conversation then leads to some discussion on the 'lone nut' theory and Kenn talks about the fallacies of the theory and why it simply does not hold water. From there, we talk about how the mainstream public seems to be more open to the taboo ideas of a JFK conspiracy or UFO coverup, but the media continues to dissuade belief in these topics. We then ponder this idea of a dual reality, where one is created by the media and one is informed by the alternative media on the Internet. This leads to Kenn talking about the inherent problems of the Internet for content creators like himself.

We then talk about one of the big issues often discussed on the program of late: the rise of technology and how humans continue to be further enveloped by machines everyday. This segues into talking about how the smart phone revolution may actually constitute the long-dreaded parapolitical premise of microchipping people. Taking the conversation down a totally different road, we start discussing the 2012 hype machine, but this leads to a much longer tangent about the downfall of the space program. Kenn recalls his conversation with Timothy Leary about space and the importance of space exploration.

Staying on the topic of space travel, we get Kenn's take on why we never went back to the moon and why manned space exploration waned so dramatically. This leads to speculation about a secret space program as well as the possibility that 'something' was found on the moon that curtailed human exploration there. On the concept of advanced, secret technology that may be held back by the government, we ruminate on the idea of 'how much is enough' for the power brokers and why they need to keep it all secret. We also look at the paradox of how the government sees its own people as potential enemies while also surreptitiously creating its own enemies such as Al Qaeda.

Continuing our exploration of rather 'dark' topics, we then ponder if a nuclear bomb going off is an inevitability given how prolific they have become around the world. This segues into some discussion on Truman and the military industrial complex as well as the contemporary search for alternative energy sources. Looking back at the issue of space exploration, we get Kenn's take on the emerging private space industry and find out if he thinks that is the future of the field. We also get Kenn's take on global warming and how it may connect with our collective experience and reality.

Getting into a totally different realm of conversation, we then ask Kenn for his thoughts on the age old question of what happens when you die. Having mentioned Timothy Leary numerous times over the course of the conversation, we have Kenn reflect on his friendship with Leary over the years. He also recalls his appearance on Conspiracy Zone with Kevin Nealon and the wild theory he shared about the death of Marilyn Monroe. Given Kenn's enormous stature in the parapolitical field, we also get his advice for newcomers to the field and what they should do to advance their own research and understanding.

Following that, we look at how the 'powers that be' seem to have a great interest in the proverbial underground, but many folks in the conspiracy research community have an almost inverse repudiation of mainstream culture. Kenn also remembers the late Phylis Benjamin, a Fortean researcher who recently passed away, and how her death invokes the same feelings of fear inside Kenn as the death of Mae Brussell. This leads to some talk about the specialization of the esoteric, which leads to talk about Alex Jones and his anti-UFO stance.

Heading towards the close, we also remember former BoA:Audio guest Jerry E. Smith, who passed away a few years ago. In light of Kenn's many travels over the years, we get his perspective on how the conference circuit has changed and evolved during his time in the field. We also find out if Kenn has ever considered a memoir about his days in the world of parapolitics and the underground. Wrapping up the conversation, we find out what's next for Kenn Thomas

Kenn Thomas Bio

Kenn Thomas has authored over fifteen books on various conspiracy topics, five devoted to the JFK assassination, Including NASA, Nazis & JFK; Mind Control, Oswald & JFK; and Maury island UFO. He has for over two decades worked as an archivist for a midwestern university while developing his interest in “parapolitics”, an idea often dismissed in mainstream media as conspiracy theory. Thomas has for many years edited and published Steamshovel Press, a magazine about the global conspiracy culture that coined the motto, “All conspiracy. No theory.”

His most known book, The Octopus: Secret Government and the Death of Danny Casolaro, helped expose the Inslaw scandal of the Reagan years, a conspiracy involving a super-surveillance software and backroom deals between US operatives and Mideast terrorists. Thomas tours regularly, lecturing at venues as varied as conspiracy and UFO conferences and academic panels on alternative media, and he is often tapped as a conspiracy expert on TV and radio. His current book, Secret and Suppressed II: Banned Ideas and Hidden History into the 21st Century, compiles the latest touch button topics in the conspiracy world. Thomas is currently at work updating Maury Island UFO, first published as a prequel to The Octopus, documenting the role of 1947 UFO witnesses in the 1968 investigation of the JFK assassination.

His website is steamshovelpress.com

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