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Paul Kimball

(2 Hours, 10 Minutes)

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Longtime friend and supporter of BoA:Audio, Paul Kimball returns to the program for a nearly two-hour jam session. In this fast and loose conversation, we'll be covering our film project Beyond Best Evidence and the unique fundraising campaign behind the movie. We'll also delve into the world of Ufology and the UFO phenomenon, looking at it from a variety of angles and levels. Plus, we'll talk about specialization in the paranormal, the march to 2012, and a variety of 'big picture' issues facing both the paranormal research community and the world at large.

It's a deeply reflective edition of BoA:Audio, where questions are thrown out the window in favor of ponderances and ruminations from the always evolving Paul Kimball.

Full Preview: We kick things off by diving right in to discussion on Beyond Best Evidence, as Paul talks about the 2 month fundraising campaign we have organized and reflects on the process and how things have gone so far. Paul also responds to some specific critics and criticisms of the campaign by explaining more about the origins of the 'crowd sourcing' concept for the film. He then addresses the future of the film, considering the tepid response to the fundraising campaign. Wrapping up the focus on Beyond Best Evidence, Paul then talks about the thematic goals of the film and why it stands apart from the standard cable TV UFO fare.

The conversation then leads to discussion on UFO research, in general, and Paul talks about the 'underground war' between 'Michael Bay Ufology' and the people who are looking at the phenomenon from a different angle. This leads to Paul talking about the paradox and challenges of UFO disclosure that he believes are being ignored by most Ufologists. We then ponder the idea that perhaps the human race, and America in particular, was actually better equipped to deal with the UFO phenomenon back when the modern era started in the late 1940's and 50's. We also examine the issue of Ufology's malaise of recent years and Paul talks about what sort of aspects of the field still excite him.

We then get ultra meta on Ufology and the paranormal by discussing the problems surrounding specialization, trying to understand the unknown, and attempts to win over the mainstream, whether it is science or public interest. Paul then talks about how examining the issue of a non-human intelligence could lead us towards becoming an 'empathic society.' Paul then talks about how people who don't vote don't have a right to complain and draws comparisons from that perspective to the paranormal community, at large.

This leads to some discussion on how some laypeople in the paranormal expect researchers and members of the media to sacrifice their time and money for the 'higher calling' of chasing these mysteries. Going down a different path, we get Paul's take on 2012 and the hype leading up to the big day. Paul ends up discussing Peter Gersten's 2012 suicide plan and the backlash against it from the UFO community. He also talks about how 2012 could allow for personal growth for many people, regardless of what actually happens. In turn, we also examine the question of whether or not the vast majority of people, nowadays, are even capable of that kind of introspection.

Paul also talks about the paradox of perceived power and how the influence of people who create ideas and concepts often outlives the contributions of their contemporaries who wield political power. Given that Paul says this is his last interview regarding Beyond Best Evidence and that BBE will be his last UFO film, we ask the natural question of whether or not this means he is leaving the paranormal behind for good or if he has other plans.

Heading toward the close of the conversation, we break the 4th wall and address the interview, where Paul seemed to talk much more than Binnall, and discuss podcasting, in general. We also talk about where Beyond Best Evidence goes from here, now that the fundraising stage of the project is coming to a close. Wrapping things up, we find out how people can donate to help Beyond Best Evidence get made and things then break down as we talk about BoA:Audio dropping our 'popular' theme music intros as well as the BoA thongs we used to sell when the website first started.

Paul Kimball Bio

After winning multiple scholarships and awards - including the University Medal in History at both Acadia University and the University of Dundee, and the CLB Award at Dalhousie Law School - Paul graduated from Acadia in 1989 with an Honours Degree in History and Political Science, and in 1992 from Dalhousie with a J.D.. Paul began his media career in college, as the arts & entertainment Editor of The Athenaeum at Acadia, and the host of a number of radio shows on CKIC 790 AM. After graduating from law school, he spent seven years as a musician and producer, founding both Tall Poppies and Julia’s Rain, seminal bands of the alternative music movement in Halifax during the 1990s, and producing or managing a number of others.

A former Program Administrator at the Nova Scotia Film Development Corporation, and consultant for Salter Street Films and several provincial governments, Paul founded the Halifax-based production company Redstar Films Limited in 1999. In the past decade, Paul has served as the President of the Nova Scotia Film and Television Producers Association, a member of the Nova Scotia Film Advisory Committee, and a founding member of the Motion Picture Industry Association of Nova Scotia.

As a film & television producer / writer / director since 1999, Paul has created over a dozen documentaries on a wide range of subjects, but with a particular emphasis on the paranormal. These include Stanton T. Friedman is Real, Aztec: 1948, Do You Believe in Majic, and Best Evidence: Top 10 UFO Sightings, all of which focused on the UFO phenomenon, Fields of Fear, about Canadian cattle mutilations, and The Island of Blood, about the legendary chupacabra of Puerto Rico. In 2008-09, Paul wrote, directed, produced and hosted the popular regional television series Ghost Cases, and is currently developing the documentary Beyond Best Evidence: The UFO Enigma, the sequel to Best Evidence. He also wrote, produced and directed the feature film Eternal Kiss in 2008, and is currently in pre-production on the supernatural thriller, The Grey Wall.

Paul has become known as one of Canada’s leading commentators on the paranormal. His blog, The Other Side of Truth, has been read by over 580,000 people since its creation in 2005, and he has appeared on myriad radio and television programs over the past decade to discuss the paranormal and various other mysteries. Paul has also written for various magazines, including Phenomena and Alien Worlds, and has spoken at numerous conferences in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

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