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Carol Linn Dow

(2 Hours, 14 Minutes)

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After seven long years, BoA:Audio finally examines the infamous Amelia Earhart mystery with our guest Carol Linn Dow, author of the book The Lost Flight of Amelia Earhart. In this comprehensive conversation, we'll discuss Earhart's rise to fame and her feats as an aviatrix, her around-the-world flight attempt and the various ways in which it was doomed, and what may have ultimately become of the legendary pilot. We'll look at all of the various theories surrounding Earhart's fate and dig into Carol's contention that the famed aviator crashed in the Marshall Islands, was captured by the Japanese, and executed as a prisoner of war. Along the way, we'll look at Earhart conspiracy theories and the hard science of early aviation as well as the usual side roads and tangents familiar to listeners of the program.

Altogether it's a long overdue episode which delves into one of the world's most enduring and intriguing mysteries as we search for Amelia Earhart with Carol Linn Dow.

Full Preview: We begin the conversation with Carol jumping right into the latest developments in the Amelia Earhart disappearance and teases us with some major breakthroughs and revelations which have emerged. We then circle back to get the standard bio/background on Carol Linn Dow and find out how she became interested in the Earhart mystery. Beginning our discussion on the case, we start by having Carol provide a thumbnail look at the evolution of Earhart's aviation career and her global superstardom. We then look at Earhart's attempted around-the-world flight and examine the logistics of such a difficult journey in the early days of flight.

Looking at some of the finer details of the journey, we learn how far along Earhart was before she disappeared as well as how and why the route was conceived. Carol also details how the final leg of the trip, where Earhart disappeared, was particularly difficult and led to the mistakes which ultimately resulted in her demise. Carol also reveals how Earhart's radio repairman, Joseph Gur, designed a faulty system which was the true cause of trouble for the final leg of the journey. We speculate on why Gur made such a tragic mistake and reflect on how such a simple error could result in the breakdown of Earhart's flight.

We then focus in on the final leg of Earhart's journey and Carol provides a detailed look at the timeline of the flight's disappearance. She provides a fascinating look at how crude the communication technology was at the time and why that likely resulted in additional miscues which doomed the flight. This leads to us finding out why the government wasn't more involved in helping Earhart relying on unreliable technicians. We also discuss why Earhart's navigational efforts were faulty and also led to difficulties surrounding the trip.

Moving away from the technical problems which likely felled the journey, we then discuss how and when the world realized that Earhart had gone missing. Additionally, Carol discusses how there were allegedly radio signals from Earhart's plane three hours after she 'disappeared' and declared that she saw land ahead. We find out why these radio signals were never publicized and remain unacknowledged by historians. Carol discusses why the oft-endorsed theory that she landed on Gardner Island does not add up with the facts of the case and Carol talks about the problems surrounding the alleged evidence found during expeditions to the island.

Next we examine Carol's theory on what became of Amelia Earhart, which is that she crashed on a Japanese-controlled island and was subsequently captured by the Japanese as a prisoner of war. Carol details how a fisherman allegedly witnessed the crash of the plane and his story was conveyed to investigators by noteworthy members of the Marshall Island community. Carol traces the believed route of Earhart and navigator Fred Noonan upon their detainment by the Japanese. She also talks about how a recently recovered inspection plate for a plane of the same type as Earhart's has been recovered in the Marshall Islands.

Staying on this theory that the Japanese captured Earhart, we find out if Carol believes the US government purposely covered up the story to avoid fanning the flames of war. She also reveals details of a surreptitious expedition, backed by President Roosevelt, to the Marshall Islands to find out if Earhart was there. Considering that Earhart's disappearance happened over 75 years ago, we ponder why the US and/or Japanese government hasn't revealed the 'true story' of what happened to Earhart. In light of her friendship with Amelia Earhart's sister, Carol recounts Muriel Earhart's perspective on both the disappearance and what became of the famed aviatrix.

Potential inspection plate from Amelia Earhart's plane recovered by Dick Spink in the Marshall Islands.

Carol then details the stories about US forces, following the war, having found briefcases, containing passports and papers, which belonged to Earhart in Saipan, Japan. We also get Carol's take on the theory that Earhart managed to return to the United States, following the war, and assumed a different identity. In light of Carol's strong belief in the Marshall Islands theory, we ask her why other research groups haven't adopted the concept and explored the possibilities surrounding it. We also ponder why the Amelia Earhart mystery has moved to the periphery of the paranormal world when it was once one of the key cases in esoterica.

Heading towards the close of the conversation, we find out what Carol thinks would ultimately break the case wide open and if it is possible to solve the Earhart mystery. Carol tells us about potential documentary projects, in the works, which would shed light on her theories about Earhart's disappearance. Carol tells us what needs to be done with the inspection plate recovered from the Marshall Islands in order to help strengthen the case that it came from Earhart's plane. Looking at one final theory surrounding Earhart's disappearance, we get Carol's reaction to the Tokyo Rose rumors which surrounded Earhart. Wrapping up the conversation, we find out what's next for Carol Linn Dow and her quest to solve the Earhart mystery.

Carol Linn Dow Bio

Carol Linn Dow, fresh out of college, started out life as a publisher and editor of a stockmarket magazine called the Dow Digest. After a successful career, Dow Digest was sold to a Kansas City investor. Several years later, it was sold to Financial World, a New York city stockmarket magazine, which, shortly thereafter, went out of business. Dow Digest, when Carol Dow had the magazine, developed a circulation that reached 36,000 paid, and had quite a name and reputation on Wall Street. Two of the terms which the magazine introduced were the “Economic Indicators” and the area of “Relative Strength.”

After the magazine was sold, Ms. Dow moved to Dallas, Texas, became a business broker and developed a second career in mergers and acquisitions. Shortly thereafter, she took early retirement, sold her airplane, and pursued a dream she has always had writing books and movies. To add more fuel to her current work, she met Muriel Earhart Morrissey, Amelia Earhart’s sister “Pidge” on a trip to Boston, and they became fast friends.

Her website is lostflight.net

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