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BOA : Audio


Matthew Pellowski &
Anastasia Konstantinou

(1 Hours, 55 Minutes)

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BoA:Audio kicks off our Summer Session by welcoming filmmakers Matthew J. Pellowski and Anastasia Konstantinou for a conversation on their film Eyes of the Mothman. We'll hear a number of bizarre stories from the making of the film, learn about a myriad of finer details surrounding the Mothman mythos, and get a first hand account of what Point Pleasant, West Virginia is like today. Plus, UFOs, MIB, alien contact tales, and Ivanka Trump.

It's a at one of esoterica's most enigmatic mysteries, the Mothman, with a pair of curious outsiders who documented their investigation in a truly remarkable film.

Full Preview: We kick things off by getting some background on Matt and Anastasia and find out how they ended up creating Eyes of the Mothman. Anastasia also traces how she went from someone completely unaware of the Mothman story to someone who gives credence to the whole affair. Then, to set the stage for our conversation, we have Matt recount the Mothman story for the listeners at home who are unfamiliar with the tale.

Looking at some of the specific aspects of the Mothman story that are chronicled in the film, Matt tells us about the 'secret' TNT plant that was located in Point Pleasant during WWII and we ponder if there is a seed there for the greater Mothman mythos. Matt also tells us about how he had weird psychic dreams about the TNT plant before he actually visited it. This leads to Anastasia telling us about the odd ghostly event which happened to her during the filming of Eyes of the Mothman and we also find out about the eerie post-production problems which plagued the film.

Anastasia and Matt then tell us about the general mood of Point Pleasant with regards to the Mothman, how fervently they embrace the legend and how the interest in Mothman has a surprising generational split. We then find out about the various rumours that locals told them about the Mothman as well as how many people in the area spoke about the phenomenon but refused to be interviewed. Staying within the realm of contemporary weirdness around Point Pleasant, Anastasia and Matt recall their encounter with a "modern day MIB" during the filming of Eyes of the Mothman.

Next we examine how intense the UFO activity was during the Mothman wave and how that often goes underreported. Matt also tells us why he thinks the UFO sightings have a particularly high level of credibility. Matt also fleshes out the chronology of the Mothman / UFO sightings and the bridge collapse and how accurately the 'mainstream' chronology of events mirrors it. This leads to some discussion on the post-Mothman period and how prevalent sightings have been in the area since the events of 1967. We also look at how the Mothman creature (and story) have been co-opted in later years to tie it in to similar disasters.

We then hear about weird and chilling tale of 'Indrid Cold,' detailed in Eyes of the Mothman. Getting back to the making of the film, we find out how Matt and Anastasia found Mothman witnesses as well as the experts featured in the film. We find out what the townspeople thought of Eyes of the Mothman and contrasted it with their reaction to the infamous Richard Gere film. Next we discuss how the town reacted to the outside scientific community weighing in on the events that took place in the town. Jumping back in time to the Mothman flap, we discuss how prevalent the MIB encounters were at the time.

Following that, we cover one key figure in the Mothman mythos: journalist Mary Hire. Matt talks about how important Mary Hire was to the local townspeople and her own encounter with high strangeness. Looking at the film from another layer, Matt talks about their decision to not include the role of John Keel in the Mothman mythos. Tackling one of the more puzzling aspects of the Mothman case, we talk about how the creature still seems to have a nebulous description, notably the Mothman's face. This leads to Matt sharing a story from his childhood where he witnesses a massive bird with a head he could not remember.

Examining more details surrounding the Mothman wave, we then cover how some witnesses to the creature ended up developing some physical illnesses after their sighting. Getting meta on the Mothman as a whole, we ponder how the Mothman stands alone, even beyond the world of cryptozoology and Ufology. We then discuss the apparent lack of physical or photographic evidence for Mothman as well as whether the witnesses described the creature as sentient or more animalistic.

Heading towards the close, we delve into the story, making the rounds in the esoteric press, about one of the film's crew having a mental breakdown and getting arrested for stalking Ivanka Trump. We also get the scoop on a pair of the kookier characters found in the film: the Frick brothers. Putting a final bow on the discussion, we have Matt weigh in with his final analysis on what really happened in 1966/67 in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. We also explore whether the Mothman sightings really had anything to do with the deadly bridge collapse which seemed to be the flap's crescendo. Wrapping up our conversation, we find out what's next for Matt and Anastasia at Red Line Films.

Matthew J. Pellowski Bio

Matthew J. Pellowski is an accredited, award winning, writer, director, and producer. Starting in the field of graphic design and illustration, Matthew first began working as a cartoonist at the early age of 17 when he was hired to illustrate a line of children’s books for Bantam Double Day Dell publishing in New York City. Originally from central New Jersey, he majored in illustration at Raritan Valley Community College and became a nationally ranked, scholar athlete award recipient for basketball. Matthew then left RVCC and attended the prestigious School of Visual Arts in Manhattan where he received a BA in Screenwriting.

After graduating, Matthew worked on numerous television programs including: Late Night with Conan O’Brien, Lost, ESPN Sidelines, The Liza Minnelli show, The Apprentice, John Leguizamos Sexaholic, NBC’s Sports desk and Inside Edition. He later incorporated his original love of illustration with his new found success in film and video when he worked as a storyboard artist for Spike Lee’s Drop Squad Productions, was hired as a cartoonist for The Cosby Show, and acted as the original lead illustrator for the television programs Generation Jets, Win Big Today, and The Noteables.

His career has been well rounded, from working as a floor manager for Motley Crue, acting as a journalist and writer for humor and paranormal based periodicals that include Mad Magazine, Cracked, UFO Magazine, The Paranormal News and Paranoia Magazine, to directing programs that have appeared in 86 different countries. He has worked as an illustrator, cartoonist, storyboard artist, field producer, segment producer, senior producer, journalist, cameraman, ghost writer, script doctor, magazine columnist, editor, writer, director, and producer in the fields of film, television, publishing, fashion, and internet media.

As a producer and director, he has worked on numerous promotional broadcasts and productions for such artists and companies as Jennifer Lopez, Ron Howard, Cedric the Entertainer, AZN television broadcasting, Warner Brothers, Trident, J. Walter Thompson Marketing, Prada Inc., Will Smith’s “Hitch,” H&M, ESPN, Harrah’s Commercials, Seinfeld, and CNN. After working steadily in television for 5 years, Matthew later went on to help form the independent film production company, Red Line Studios. Now it its 10th of existence, he has overseen the full production of numerous independent feature films, best selling direct to video productions, television programs, documentaries, music videos and more…

Anastasia Konstantinou Bio

Anastasia Konstantinou graduated from the prestigious School of Visual Arts in New York City, with a BFA in Screenwriting. During her senior year at SVA she decided to take a film make-up class, which sparked her interest in make-up effects. Upon graduating she quickly changed course in her career and began working as a Make-up Artist and Costume Designer for Film and Television. Anastasia has worked with the likes of Ron Howard, Brian Grazer, Jerry Stiller, Steve Schirripa, and author Maurice Sendak, to name a few. Her credits include, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, H&M, MTV, The Mazda Corporation, Trident, Harrah's, and many more.

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