BoA's twisted pop culture spin-off series, The Lostcast, culminates in our long-awaited final episode, where we cross the podcasting timelines and have BoA:Audio, Season V obsorb the Lostcast. Consider it our form of "course correction."

In this marathon series of interviews, we welcome back all of our previous guests,'s Red Son Superman, Karyn Dolan, Jason Offutt, Bruce Rux, and Jeff Ritzmann to reflect on the Lost series finale and the legacy of Lost, as a whole. Additionally, Jeremy & Tim will also look back on the past 3 months of the Lostcast in a self-indulgant and masturbatory celebration that will make ABC's Lost coverage seem tame by comparison. Included in the celebration is a special musical tribute to breakout listener of the Lostcast: the enigmatic Sandy.

All of your Lost & Lostcast questions will be answered in this stunning & revelatory episode ... Is Miles going to live or die? Does the 'Vincent theory' hold water? Will 'Gay Tom' ever return to the show? Is Sandy really a man? What will become of the now-infamous Whale Watch Story? Is this really the end of the Lostcast?

Join us as we close the book on the wildly popular and often infuriating program Lost as well as its equally bizarre counterpart: the Lostcast.

Topics Discussed
2 Hr 44 Min
BoA:Audio Lostcast Series Finale